Blockchain Foundry Announces NFTGen and LastKnown, Proprietary Tools to Help Artists Create, Deploy and Sell NFTs

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Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“BCF” or the “Company”), a leading North American blockchain development firm, is pleased to provide an update on its NFT initiatives.

As disclosed in the Company’s press releases dated March 3, 2021 and May 18, 2021, BCF has increased its focus on product development and has augmented its team to reflect this increased focus. One of the Company’s core areas of focus is the non-fungible token (“NFT”) market. BCF is focusing on three products within the NFT space:

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1)  NFTGen ( a technology pipeline for marketing, deploying and minting NFT offerings.

  • NFTGen automates and simplifies the process of converting static images to fully-deployed NFTs that can be directly minted by users on any EVM-compatible blockchain.
  • NFTGen can be used to deploy BCF-created NFTs as well as within consulting initiatives. BCF has already leveraged the technology within its consulting practice to help House of Kibaa sell approximately C$6.2 million worth of NFTs in less than 40 minutes.1 BCF also has plans for Metaverse enabled NFTs using this technology.
  • Within the consulting pipeline, BCF’s model is to partner with clients on a revenue sharing basis for collections that have a high probability of successfully being marketed and sold to end users. In these arrangements BCF’s profit margins are much higher than they would be following a standard hourly or fixed-bid pricing model.
  • Certain BCF employees have jointly developed NFTGen’s technology with a third-party contractor who is assisting BCF with its NFT initiatives. The Company anticipates that it will acquire all of NFTGen’s technology and pipeline in Q4 2021 via a revenue sharing agreement with the creator of the technology.

2)  LastKnown Marketplace ( a white-glove service for content creators to bring NFTs to market expedited by BCF’s proprietary technology pipeline.

  • LastKnown is a curated NFT marketplace for artists and content creators, and incorporates a loyalty ecosystem backed by unique NFTs launched by BCF called NFKeys.
  • LastKnown will provide a white glove service for helping creators bridge the gap between raw creative materials and a deployed NFT offering.
  • Initially launching on the Fantom blockchain and expanding to Ethereum and Syscoin blockchains in short order.
  • BCF will receive a percentage of revenue from all NFT drops that occur through the platform and will also earn a percentage of all secondary sales.
  • All artist drops will be delivered through BCF’s fully owned LastKnown NFT marketplace, expected to launch in January 2022 on, with curated NFT content and secondary sales of NFTs minted through the platform. helps artists bridge the gap between raw creative content and in-market NFTs.

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3)  NFKeys Web3 NFT Loyalty Platform ( a web3 loyalty platform backed by NFTs focused on creating a networked loyalty system across multiple decentralized blockchain based platforms.

  • NFKeys is a tiered web3 loyalty platform backed by unique NFTs being launched by BCF.
  • NFKeys will include:
    • Members only airdrops from BCF and other content creators.
    • Invites and exclusive access to events and parties in the real world and the metaverse.
    • Games, hunts and puzzles for rewards.
    • Discounts, perks and exclusives on partner sites and applications.

BCF expects to launch LastKnown and NFKeys in Q1 2022 and will provide further updates as the platforms progress.