MarTech Interview with David LaPalomento, Chief Technology Officer at JWPlayer

What can help marketers enhance their overall video marketing strategy? David LaPalomento, Chief Technology Officer at JWPlayer shares a few thoughts and best practices with MarTech Series:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat David. We’d love to hear more about your journey through the years and what you’re most looking forward to in this new role as CTO at JWPlayer?

One thing that makes this industry so unique is that it’s always being shaken up. There’s always something new coming down the pipeline, some major change to the technological and business landscape. And I’m excited to be right in the thick of it with a company that not only embraces change, but is built for it. 

We have an entire team that’s dedicated exclusively to video formatting and keeping up with changes in that space. We have a similar team dedicated to the OTT space, and another dedicated to Android. And so on… It’s an exciting opportunity to be in a central role with a company that thrives on change.            

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We’d love to hear more from you on the biggest tech innovations powering marketing and sales innovation in their video marketing / virtual selling goals? From the global marketplace, what are some of the most interesting innovations you’ve come across?

I think the recent explosion in OTT technology and its rapid adoption across the globe has driven dramatic change in the video marketing landscape. As more competitors enter the market, and OTT devices become more affordable, we’re seeing whole new audiences entering the space. With many of these new audiences having less disposable income than earlier OTT audiences, we’ve seen broadcasters adapt with new monetization models

We’ve seen this take place with the recent wave of AVOD adoption – especially in places like India, which is the largest AVOD market in the world, with over half a billion monthly AVOD viewers. 

What are a few aspects on video delivery optimization that today’s B2B marketing and sales teams need to pay more attention to?

Performance: global content delivery network and automatic quality optimization makes sure your videos look great and start quickly. Potential customers aren’t going to sit around waiting for videos to load!

Reach: you need multiple video formats and a player smart enough to know which to choose to connect with your customers when they’re ready to hear your message

As video consumption increases and newer platforms allow better ease of production and end use, how do you see this impacting the future of marketing/advertising? 

As newer platforms enter the industry and more content creators and publishers come along, it will inherently lead to a more dynamic marketplace. Something we’ve been seeing for a while is a change in how we think about video platforms and distribution methods. Rather than trying to create the ideal platform or model for today’s ecosystem, developers are trying to build systems and processes that can adapt quickly to change. In a more dynamic marketplace, this trend will almost certainly continue and it will become the norm when developing platforms and advertising models to create systems that can embrace and ride the various waves, trends, and turning points we see in the industry.

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In your view, what would entail a robust and complete video strategy for enterprise B2B brands?

At the heart of every robust video strategy, enterprise b2b or otherwise, is diversity and adaptability. With so many different ways to distribute, watch, and monetize digital video, every distinct market is fragmented across a variety of devices, platforms, and services. So, you should adopt a hosting platform that allows you to cast a wide net. Beyond that, you have to ensure your content doesn’t stagnate. Of course, one of the most effective tricks of the trade for enterprise brands is to adapt existing content (articles, blog posts, white papers, etc.) to video in order to ensure you have a steady stream of video content to retain your audience’s attention. Analytics are also essential, and being able to track advanced metrics like engagement is critical in today’s video economy. 

Some last thoughts and marketing / martech (or video!) takeaways before we wrap up?

If I could give one piece of advice to the businesses and publishers of the world, it would be to never underestimate the versatility of video. Although the percentage of businesses using video and the amount of video being produced by those businesses are both increasing rapidly, most organizations are still underutilizing video — in both where they use it and what they use it for. Remember, video can enhance your messaging on any medium. While plenty of organizations use video content on their websites, few use video in email communications, despite videos being just as effective in emails as they are on webpages. Not only can video enhance messaging on any medium, it can enhance almost any type of messaging. Many content marketing techniques translate perfectly to video, yet many content marketers don’t even consider using video in certain applications, especially those where text has been the norm for a very long time. But, in many instances, video isn’t simply as effective as traditional text content, it’s more effective. Something like a repository of how-tos, for instance, can be a great way to introduce a product and build customer rapport at the same time, providing a face and visual that written content just can’t do.

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JW Player is the leading video software and data insights platform that gives customers independence and control in today’s Digital Video Economy. Started in 2008 as a hugely popular open source video player, JW Player ’s technology platform now powers digital video for hundreds of thousands of businesses, including half of the Comscore top 50 sites in the US, leading broadcasters across EMEA, APAC and Latin America. Each month 1 billion viewers, or one third of all people on the Internet, consume video on JW Player’s technology across 2.7 billion devices, creating an unmatched and powerful consumption and contextual data graph that helps customers grow audiences and generate incremental video from digital video. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in London and Eindhoven, visit

David LaPalomento is the Chief Technology Officer at JWPlayer

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