Bynder unveils Advanced Analytics, Empowering Companies with Data-Driven Insights Into The True Value Of Their Digital Content

Using the Solution, Marketers Can Now Define Their Content Strategies Based on Data Around Creation Processes, Content Findability, Usage and Popularity

Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), announced Advanced Analytics, a new and improved data visualization that enables users to easily identify trends in company content usage and optimize their marketing teams’ digital content efforts.

With Bynder Analytics, companies can now measure the performance and usage of DAM and other features, such as creative workflow and brand guidelines. Users are able to see how often their content is used internally and shared externally, track how these assets are being implemented across departments, and identify which content is used most frequently. Bynder Advanced Analytics gives marketers access to an intuitive set of dashboards that help them to:

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Evaluate internal content usage. With data on content views and downloads, marketing managers can determine which types of content are being used the most across departments and regions.

Understand how and what types of content teams are searching for. Advanced Analytics gives marketing managers the ability to access a ranked list of top keywords searched within Bynder, providing them with greater insight into which images their global teams are looking for.

Avoid wasting time on content that is not being used. By seeing which types of assets are not being used, marketers can figure out which files should be removed to optimize a company’s digital content efforts and eliminate confusion or incorrect use of files.

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Drive greater efficiency in creative delivery process. With the ability to track the progress of multiple creative projects, managers can identify bottlenecks in the creative process to ensure that projects don’t get held up in approval stages and are completed in a timely fashion.

Demonstrate ROI. Successful campaigns and valuable content will surface, in the ‘most popular’ categories, instantly demonstrating the value of the content being created.

“Traditionally, with no insight into asset usage, marketing teams have been focused on creating as much branded content as possible,” said Chris Hall, CEO of Bynder. “With Advanced Analytics, they now have the insights to create only valuable and strategic content that demonstrates ROI, without wasting time and money on digital content that doesn’t get used. We want our customers to get the most mileage possible out of each and every asset. This is our solution to ensure brands are creating impactful content and getting the most use out of their investment.”

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