Eclipse and Racami Announce Partnership To Combine Document Composition and Workflow

Eclipse’s Business Communications Center Powered by Racami’s DocOrigin Provides Dynamic Interactive Customer Communications

Two of the world’s most innovative document automation leaders announced a partnership that combines Eclipse’s DocOrigin with Racami’s Alchem-e to take document automation to a new level. While seamless to the corporations that utilize DocOrigin and Alchem-e, the technology provides integration between Data Processing, Composition, Post Composition, Printing, Document Presentation and Document Delivery. Combining the Company’s document specialties creates a turnkey advantage over older, slower and more expensive document solutions.

Eclipse and Racami Announce Partnership To Combine Document Composition and Workflow
Steve Luke

“The Eclipse team co-created the most successful composition and document generation software in the world in the 1990s. In 2012 Eclipse launched DocOrigin, a next-generation product and today there are more than 4,000 licenses installed worldwide, but were we missing an important component for managing complex commercial production shops? When the Eclipse team was introduced to Alchem-e, we knew the combined solutions would meet the needs of the largest clients and the partnership was formed,” said Steve Luke, CEO, Eclipse Corporation.

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Eclipse and Racami Announce Partnership To Combine Document Composition and Workflow
Hani Khalaf

“The integration of DocOrigin for composition and the Alchem-e platform for secure output management allows for real-time dynamic content creation for each delivery channel. This partnership gives our customers a great step forward for meeting the individual preferences of their customers,” said Hani Khalaf, President & CTO, Racami.

The two companies provide cutting-edge products, services, and scalable pricing to meet the needs of SMB and Fortune 500 markets.

Eclipse was founded by Luke in 2005 and is considered a pioneer in the Document Automation industry.  “This is a fantastic collaboration with Racami, combining two industry proven technologies that complement each other by bringing together the primary components required for complex document design, workflow, and multi-channel delivery. DocOrigin provides the consumption of the business data, the composition of any form or document and Alchem-e brings the complete process together providing robust workflow and job management that is second to none,” added Luke.

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Eclipse’s Business Communications Center powered by DocOrigin provides dynamic interactive customer communications for Business to Business, Business to Customer, Corporate to Vendor and Corporate to Employee communications to a whole new level. Adding Alchem-e Business Management Platform brings visibility, accountability, command, and control, providing fast and easy access to all processes around the clock throughout the year. DocOrigin and Alchem-e software complement the entire process of interactive document delivery and high-volume batch generation used for statements, invoices, and quotes in every major industry. Marketing teams and other non-IT departments can manage their own campaigns without scripting or program changes and Alchem-e automation and workflow will track and manage every process from start to finish giving the customer complete visibility.

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