Robin8 Appoints Joe Sticca As Global COO To Expand Tech Offering Globally

With Joe Sticca, Robin8 Continues to Enhance Its Team by Hiring Top Level Mangement Executives

Robin8, the creator of the Profile Utility Token (PUT), has selected Joe Sticca as Global Chief Operations Officer for the Robin8 core business and social media platform being built on the blockchain. He is a new addition to the team that Robin8 is building to improve their existing product offerings and expand globally.

Robin8 is a New York and Shanghai-based digital platform for influencers, those who seek to steer their own social media monetization and for marketers, offering every party involved precise data, autonomy, and improved advertising ROI. The company is focused on profiling and helping everyone manage their profile on the Blockchain through its profile management system.

In the current Robin8 app that is available for the China market, influencers (KOLs) can study their own metrics and monetize their online behavior, while marketers can use the dashboard in the Robin8 app to find the best fit for any campaign.

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Robin8 Appoints Joe Sticca As Global COO To Expand Tech Offering Globally
Joe Sticca

Joe is a C-level technology product leader and executive with a successful record of delivering cutting-edge technology to corporations and users. He excels at establishing systems and tools for long-term growth, combining world-class technical aptitude with critical business and communications skills. With a proven record in digital media, education and other industries such as financial services, Joe has recent experience in using Machine Learning, AI technology and a number of product development strategies to drive change, engage with shareholders and surpass business objectives.

“I am excited to join Robin8 and help scale their innovative strategy to empower and manage individual’s digital life and their digital activities for themselves or for brands,” said Joe.

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Miranda Tan

“We are excited to have Joe on board and help us take our business to the next level. We strive to build a world-class organization and tech platform leveraging Blockchain, big data, and AI. We are all about returning the profiling data back to the owner and empowering everyone with their own data,” said Miranda Tan, CEO, Robin8.

Robin8 is continuing to expand the team and bring talented management level executives to the team to provide impeccable service to our existing clients while making a significant technological contribution to the blockchain technology industry.

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