Encompass and Telestream Partner to Provide a Unique and Powerful Media & Entertainment Targeted Storage Solution in Altitude Media Cloud

Partnership offers media content owners a cloud-first storage solution, providing immediate access to archived assets and enhanced durability with a more cost-effective solution than LTO.

Encompass Digital Media, a global managed service provider for TV networks, broadcasters, sports leagues and OTT platforms, and Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing and quality monitoring solutions for the production and distribution of video, partner to offer broadcasters and content owners an accessible asset storage solution in Altitude Media Cloud. Altitude is Encompass’ scalable and flexible processing platform built for broadcast and designed to support the most demanding media applications. Combined with Telestream’s management tools, Altitude delivers an optimal environment for video processing, providing immediate access to content, industry-defining SLAs and a dynamic, interactive relationship with stored assets.

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“Encompass has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Telestream due to the perfect symmetry we share; both bringing critical elements to the broadcast space – Telestream’s rich video supply chain of solutions and Encompass’ delivery expertise and global reach,” states Bill Tillson, CEO of Encompass. “Encompass has made a significant investment in Altitude, a multi-geographic, diverse cloud, that addresses a need in the industry, and with this partnership, Encompass completes this key foundation, offering our broadcast clients more accessibility, exposure to more markets and more efficiency in managing their assets. Notably, the solution is more cost-effective than LTO, truly a critical milestone.”

“With the platform of tools that Telestream provides and the broadcast friendly environment that Encompass’ Altitude Media Cloud offers, broadcasters can now uniquely benefit from unparalleled access to their content with complete asset control using powerful tools,” states Dan Castles, CEO of Telestream.”

Together, Encompass and Telestream provide a cloud service specifically built to address content owners’ and distributors’ requirements – immediate access to files, no transaction fees, diverse location storage and a broadcast SLA in an environment where latency is not an issue. Media management is provided by Telestream’s existing storage software solutions, including Masstech and Diva installations.  Altitude storage solutions are compatible with and connect to existing public clouds, such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

Broadcasters and content owners access archived assets often, manipulate content frequently and need an efficient workflow to best monetize their libraries. Encompass and Telestream’s storage solution in the cloud provides a more cost-effective, resilient and purposeful option than LTO. This partnership will continue to expand as the Telestream platform evolves into the accessible Altitude Media Cloud.

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