First NFT Takedown Solution for IP Rights Holders Launched by Tech Startup, Counterfind

CounterFind is Turnkey Technology Created by Licensing Experts, Used By The World’s Leading Sports, Music, Entertainment, and Consumer Products Brands

CounterFind, Inc. has launched the first automated solution for removing counterfeit NFTs. With some of the most recognizable brands in the music and entertainment industries already subscribed, CounterFind’s solution will allow anyone with trademark, copyright or right of publicity rights to control how their brand is represented in the new digital era.

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Creators and trademark holders are struggling to protect their intellectual property as NFT marketplaces are growing faster than their ability to establish counterfeit restriction policies. CounterFind’s solution is the best way to scalably combat this influx of NFTs that are launched without any marketplace accountability or intervention

“CounterFind is leading the path towards creating a safer, more reliable space for creators and consumers to buy authentic NFTs,” CounterFind Founder Darren Woodson says. “As a former professional athlete, I know first-hand how important it is to protect your brand in every aspect.”

CounterFind’s “Token Takedown” solution has already helped remove more than 500 NFTs valued at over $400 million. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the entertainment, music, and sports industries, including the University of Southern California, are already using their technology.

While many would consider NFTs to be a relatively new and emerging technology, trademark, copyright, and right of publicity law still applies to all items that are listed for sale. “As the global representative of the estates of Albert Einstein and Steve McQueen, we’re tasked with enforcing IP rights for our clients on all mediums,” Liz Van Denburg Cohen, Director of Merchandise Licensing at BEN Group says. “CounterFind’s solution allows us to consolidate all infringements across every major NFT marketplace for seamless review and removal of fakes. What would have taken us weeks to review and report, we can now do in seconds.”

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