Nsav to Acquire 50% Stake in Vagabond Technology Solutions, LLC., Join Forces in Blockchain Protocol Arena

Net Savings Link, Inc., a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, announced that the Company will acquire a 50% stake in Vagabond Technology Solutions, LLC. NSAV and Vagabond will together further develop Vagabond’s already rapidly growing blockchain protocol. The Vagabond token (VGO) has seen a significant appreciation over the past two weeks. The VGO token will go public on January 15, 2022.

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The primary goal of the NSAV-Vagabond partnership is aimed at simplifying digital corporate processes. The objective is to further develop a digital industrial standard that governs the exchange and usage of company data along the value chain on the blockchain. This would harmonize and further automate processes, both within and between companies – thus achieving substantial efficiency gains. Given the strength of both NSAV and Vagabonds’ networks across different sectors, the whole economy stands to gain from their collaboration.

In addition, the NSAV-Vagabond partnership holds special promise for the small and medium-sized companies and offers a particular benefit for the large enterprises as well, with its highly strict supply chains and numerous locations that are often still managed individually today. At the core of this collaboration is the expansion of NSAVs ECOsystem in order to offer Blockchain-as-a-Service to its customers. The platform is used for businesses to create decentralized applications for the most pressing global challenges and enable sustainable business models for the new economy by using Vagabonds Legal and Technology infrastructure.

Dr. Thomas Riegler, Vagabond CEO and Silverbear Capital partner stated, “By making Blockchain accessible for everyone, we set the next step towards a decentralized economy with the partnership between Vagabond & NSAV. The goal of standardizing and automating processes is to significantly simplify the global system landscape, continuously optimize workflows, and increase confidence in business transactions.”

Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim, Interim CEO and Senior Vice President of Cryptocurrency Operations for NSAV and Silverbear Capital partner stated, “This is a truly exciting time for NSAV and VAGABOND, as we see so many opportunities in the arena of Blockchain.  The performance of VAGABOND is truly amazing.”

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