Vaultinum, European Leader in the Protection of Digital Assets, Launches New Automated Intellectual Property Auditing Tool

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As the world celebrates Intellectual Property on the 26th of April, Vaultinum launches Know Your Software IP AUDIT, an online IP assessment solution helping organisations improve their IP management and gain greater value from their intangible assets.

IP increasingly determines the future of an organisation. Moreover, the importance of IP rights in the valuation of companies has created a fundamental shift in the way stakeholders assess value and protect business assets. In 1975, IP assets represented some 17% of market value of S&P 500 companies; by 2015 it had grown to 87%; in 2019, industries that make intensive use of IP rights generate 45% of GDP (€6,6T) in the EU (The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap, 2020).

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Today, with organisations amassing new technology in their quest to remain competitive in the digital economy, a solid IP strategy must consider the rights granted to different types of IP and also understand its ownership rights. Failure to do so may incur legal costs, loss of value and decreased revenue.

“The management of IP is no doubt one of the essential aspects of any modern business and it’s crucial to know which elements to consider. However, it requires expertise, experience, and insights that are best obtained from an independent expert. This is why Vaultinum developed Know Your Software IP AUDIT, an online assessment tool, analysing issues and providing insight related to IP management, Protection of IP rights and IP ownership risks,” says Philippe Thomas, CEO of Vaultinum.

Developed by a team of experts in IP risk management, Know Your Software IP AUDIT delivers a detailed report, highlighting the effectiveness of the current IP regime, identifying areas that could be further developed or remediated and providing a step-by-step action plan.

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