67 Percent of People Feel Overwhelmed by Their Email Inbox According to New Inbox Intelligence Report from Email Management Solution Gated

Data on how U.S. business professionals use email suggests that, despite being a critical medium for communication, email is part of a larger digital noise problem impacting our productivity and well-being.

Gated, the email management solution that challenges unknown senders to donate to charity in order to reach your inbox, announces the release of its first Inbox Intelligence Report, a detailed look at how email is utilized today and the resulting impact on productivity and well-being.

The survey-based insights in this report were gathered through an external sample of 560 U.S. adults 25-65 who use email for work. Outside survey data is complemented by anonymous, aggregated internal data from 1,500 Gated users. Gated intends to re-run and release this data annually, with the goal of examining the state of the U.S. professional’s email inbox in regard to attention, productivity, and well-being.

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“In conjunction with our mission at Gated, this report is calling out an often under-discussed workplace and societal issue of digital noise,” said Andy Mowat, co-founder, and CEO of Gated. “To even begin addressing this, we must start by restoring trust in email as a communications channel and offering people an opportunity to take back control of their attention.”

Top findings from the report include:

  • 82 percent of people say that email is their primary source of internal communication at work, and the average work email receives 71 emails per day on workdays after spam filters are applied
  • 62 percent of people agree that it’s hard to focus because of digital distractions.
  • 67 percent of people feel overwhelmed by their inboxes.
  • 82 percent of people miss important emails because there is too much in their inboxes.

In email and beyond, the volume of distractions and inbound information is increasing so greatly that U.S. professionals are feeling the overload. Gated is combatting this by building solutions that empower people to focus on what matters most and create a positive impact in the world.

“Other reports serve up data to help email marketing companies get people’s attention more effectively. We’re doing the opposite, by looking at the state of the inbox itself with the hope of raising awareness around email overload and helping people take back control of their inbox,” said Melissa Moody, co-founder, and CMO.

External data for the Inbox Intelligence report was gathered through Centiment, the all-in-one research platform that enterprises and academics use to build advanced surveys and reach targeted audiences.

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