Dyspatch Powers GDPR-Compliant, Enterprise-Ready, Transactional Email Experiences At Global Scale

Dyspatch by Sendwithus Centralizes Security and Accountability for Transactional Email Content Across Distributed Digital Messaging Teams

Sendwithus announced the immediate availability of Dyspatch, a GDPR-compliant, cloud-based communications management platform that allows Enterprise organizations to create compelling email experiences on a massive scale. Designed to help companies realize the full potential of their transactional emails while reducing complexity, Dyspatch’s powerful API, visual editor, and built-in device testing allows for cutting-edge email strategy and execution, all while maintaining brand consistency and legal compliance across distributed digital messaging teams.

Matthew Harris

“Enterprise content creators and digital messaging teams are being challenged every day to build increasingly complex, global email programs at scale. For many companies, these teams work in silos, which makes maintaining legal compliance and brand consistency enormously challenging. We developed Dyspatch to address these specific pain points by centralizing email content management across hundreds of teams, thousands of users, and tens of thousands of email templates,” said Matthew Harris, Co-Founder & CEO, Sendwithus.

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Noah Elkin

Noah Elkin, Research Director, Gartner, wrote, “Email is the bedrock of most digital marketing programs, yet effective orchestration of email messages across marketing and transactional activities remains a challenge for marketers. Organizational silos and competing objectives complicate the coordination of teams, tools and databases, and the tracking and measurement of results.”

Dyspatch establishes a standardized email creation workflow, from building to testing, approval to publishing, that can be implemented across multiple teams, departments, and business units. With Enterprise-level security and user provisioning features, Dyspatch allows project managers and administrators to securely manage thousands of end-users, templates, and associated assets. Non-technical teams can leverage the platform’s easy-to-use, visual template editor and reusable code blocks to share common elements between templates, either globally or within their own teams. Marketers can take advantage of an often-missed opportunity by moving transactional email under the Customer Experience umbrella, to further optimize customer relationships by managing both transactional and promotional email content within a single user interface.

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With robust API tools to manage email content in real-time, Dyspatch improves efficiency by significantly reducing dependence on developers for email related tasks. Early Enterprise users of Dyspatch were able to reduce the time to create or revise transactional email from four to six weeks to a matter of hours, allowing them to efficiently and continuously optimize content. From a development standpoint, Dyspatch was able to streamline an email template from 800 lines of code to 80, making it much easier to focus on message content rather than the container.

Dyspatch features include:

  • Security – Email content management that is independent of the code base, deployment processes, and customer data, safeguarding the security of all three while helping to ensure regulatory compliance, including GDPR
  • Standardized Legal Compliance & Brand Governance – Centralized email creation, approval, and publishing workflows that ensure consistency in both legal compliance and brand governance
  • Localization on a Global Scale – The ability to create global communications that take regional differences into account, including language, dialect, culture, and currency, with support for 300+ locales
  • Empowered Collaboration – The ability to iterate on email content optimization without involving developers or deploying code
  • Simplified Process – A streamlined workflow that allows for maximum efficiency, from brief to copy, testing to approval, publishing to deployment

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