Folderly Fires up Email Warmup and Email Test. Check Them Out!

Folderly, a platform growing email deliverability, was created to help your cold emails get out of spam. Its email test tool and email warmup service can land 99% of messages to inboxes!

Few factors make spam filters treat your email as spam:

  • Poor quality of contact list (when it includes old and non-existing emails that return non-delivery notifications)
  • Low domain reputation (when recipients mark your emails as spam or delete messages without opening them)
  • Incorrect DNS settings (when hackers change your and steal the recipients’ data)
  • Improper email content (when your messages include trigger words, lack personalization, or contain pictures, links, or attachments)

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The email test tool identifies and addresses all those issues and:

  • Assesses your email and inbox placement
  • Runs a spam test
  • Monitors if your domain or IP get to any blacklist
  • Shows the DNS settings
  • Checks email templates.

Email Warmup for Cold Outreach

Spam filters trust email addresses with a proven reputation and high sender scores. If you send 300 messages from a reliable mailbox, spam-detection algorithms won’t block them. But once sent from a new mailbox, the whole campaign can get to spam. So, you need to gradually build your online reputation or warm up an email address.

That’s what the email warmup tool does. It works with all email providers, mailbox ages, or sending targets. The platform shows the statistics on sent, received, and replied emails. It also monitors the warmup progress and displays the number of emails that get into inbox and spam folders.

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