mxHERO Launches Ransom Radar For Safe Email Attachment Preview

mxHERO launches a new product bundle based on its award-winning Mail2Cloud digital bridge. The new product allows Microsoft Office 365 email users to safely preview inbound email attachments before opening them on their computer or mobile device. Organizations improve their cybersecurity by ensuring that end-users have the ability to visually inspect email attachments prior to opening them.

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Our colleagues are an essential component of a broad-based cyber-security strategy. With this release, we further empower them.”

— Don Hammons – Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO

mxHERO Ransom Radar works by automatically uploading all inbound email attachments into the company’s cloud storage service (e g. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, or Egnyte). After uploading, mxHERO’s Ransom Radar adds a preview link to each removed file. When the email is delivered, the user can click on the links to safely preview file contents through a web browser. After visual inspection, if the user needs to save the file locally they can download it directly. Furthermore, files uploaded benefit from the additional capabilities of the organization’s cloud storage service which may include meta-data enrichment, additional virus scanning, or enhanced content management & collaboration features.

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“Just as everyone has a shared responsibility for customer success, we also all have a responsibility to ensure our organizations, our colleagues, our partners, and our customers are secure from cyber threats. Software, patches, and tools alone – will not get this job done. We believe the human component is a vital aspect of the cybersecurity value chain. With this release, we enable them to make the appropriate decisions regarding their digital content – before they decide to download. Much like airport security, the best security models are inclusive of both technology and human-based solutions. At mxHERO, we happen to love both!” states Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer of mxHERO.

mxHERO Ransom Radar is now available for self-provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 email customers. Companies using Google Workspaces and other email services can also benefit from Ransom Radar by contacting mxHERO.