Ongage and Bee by Mailup Partner to Make Emails Better

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Ongage is proud to announce a new partnership with BEE by Mailup.

Ongage is an email marketing platform designed for email marketers looking to integrate dynamic content, optimize campaigns, improve segmentation and streamline campaign management. Ongage separates the front-end of email marketing from the back-end delivery vendors, enabling non-devs to enjoy the high deliverability of top-tier SMTP vendors in conjunction with Ongage’s feature-rich dashboard.

BEE is a powerful design tool by MailUp Group that gives marketing agencies and teams the power to design visually stunning campaigns instantly and without the need for complex development or integrations. BEE can be merged with ease into SaaS applications, making it easy for marketers to easily customize campaigns and maximize conversions.

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By partnering, Ongage customers will be able to launch beautiful campaigns using BEE’s drag-and-drop tool while getting access to comprehensive analytics, integration features, automation tools and more. Doing so will make it easier for email marketers to do their job effectively, increasing ROI and improving operations.

“Ongage continually strives to transform email marketing management by integrating our fully loaded back end with tools that make marketers’ jobs more efficient. Integrating with BEE will help campaign managers easily design and launch campaigns while providing them with powerful tools to improve reach, engagement and overall revenue generation”, said Danny Tal, Chief Revenue Officer of Ongage.

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“We’re thrilled that Ongage decided to adopt the BEE editor. We’re sure Ongage users will enjoy creating great-looking, responsive emails directly within the Ongage platform, and we also look forward to their feedback to continue improving the product”, said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE by MailUp Group.

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