PoliteMail Launches Ultimate Return-To-Work Guide For Internal Communicators

Comprehensive, step-by-step guide provides tips, tools and templates for communicators to help employees prepare for a smooth transition to the next phase of work

Return-to-work strategies should be carefully thought out and informed by data rather than subjective opinions. That’s the key lesson from PoliteMail Software’s new Ultimate Return-to-Work Guide, a comprehensive program offered by this leading company in internal communications measurement.

“The Ultimate Return-to-Work Guide helps communicators add value and lead the process with confidence, and to measure the results of their plans.”

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Senior leadership and management decisions made today about returning to work will shape employee engagement tomorrow. Some employees remain concerned about health and safety, while others are eager to get back to business-as-usual. Regardless of where they stand on the issue, employees are looking to senior leadership, and decisions are being planned now. A recent study by McKinsey reveals that two-thirds of U.S. workers say their employers either have not communicated a post-pandemic office strategy or that the shared policy was “vague.” The Ultimate Return-to-Work Guide offers actionable steps to create clear, effective policies and programs while considering both organizational performance and employee preferences.

“After a challenging year, businesses must carefully navigate what is next, and successful return-to-work programs must work to forge alignment and engagement between leaders, managers and employees. Smooth execution of a return-to-work plan will require multiple data points to inform these decisions,” said Michael DesRochers, managing partner at PoliteMail. “The Ultimate Return-to-Work Guide helps communicators add value and lead the process with confidence, and to measure the results of their plans.”

The PoliteMail Ultimate Return-to-Work Guide empowers communicators with the tools to implement a data-driven approach. The Guide includes:

  • A step-by-step overview of which facets of business operations, productivity, and corporate culture to consider before forming return-to-work policies
  • Employee survey templates communicators can use and modify to gather critical feedback
  • Valuable tips for building consensus among senior leadership, middle management, remote employees, and frontline workers
  • Advice on how to roll out policy changes informed by data and considering both employee and leadership opinions
  • Data-backed recommendations on which communication channels to use based on the message and desired outcome
  • How to measure the success of return-to-work policies and adjust as need

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