Everteam Global Services Merges with Intalio

Everteam Global Services and Intalio join forces to become Intalio!

Everteam Global Services, the content services provider and software vendor based in France, merged with Intalio and its Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS). The resulting union bearing the name of Intalio accelerates the international development of both companies and enables them to strengthen their presence in key sectors, especially in the highly competitive SME market in EuropeCentral Asia, and North America.

By combining our strengths and focusing on smart acquisitions, we’ll be able to attain a larger market share and ensure a deeper market penetration in different sectors and key regions. This merger introduced tremendous opportunities by pushing geographical and structural developmebeyond the MEA region.

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At the heart of this sustainable expansion strategy is a dedicated team of engineers and board members led by current group CEO Mr. Antoine Hraoui and specializing in a wide variety of essential industries such as healthcare, education, finance, construction, and more. With the combined talent and expertise of this workforce, Intalio will continue to offer cutting-edge solutions and pushing the limits in the ever-evolving domain of Digital Transformation which has become a cornerstone for organizations around the world.

Intalio bolsters a plethora of offerings and a comprehensive list of services that extend beyond advanced content management to include process automation and data governance. That’s not all, our unique micro-services architecture includes a content-centric application building solution that focuses on business workflow to improve productivity and efficiency.

“By merging Everteam Global Services and Intalio, and building on our respective expertise, we will offer solutions, that will bring further advancements in Content Services and Process Automation while ensuring Data Governance. This new identity will become a major player in the industry, especially in high-growth markets such as Europe and the United States.” – Mr. Antoine Hraoui, CEO of Intalio.

Intalio will continuously strive to strengthen its positioning and investments in Big Data and Analytics while integrating them with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our R&D team leverages the power of Machine Learning, Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Cognitive Services to collect, store, and analyze unstructured data in order to transform it into valuable content.

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Moreover, all our solutions will adhere to the industry’s best practices and include the latest advancements in the world such as cloud and blockchain technologies ensuring agile, secure, and smart services for all.

“We want to go further in terms of technological innovations by exploiting the potential of AI and integrating them into systems that can be used to enhance safety and security of users, organizations, and citizens. We are also working on launching our new concept of conversational platform (conversation-as-a-platform) based on Deep Learning and optimizing the capacities of our bots. We should make use of the available technologies!” – Mr. Antoine Hraoui.

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