Holler Launches Holler Kit 5

Messaging technology company Holler announced the launch of its newest SDK, Holler Kit 5, which will allow for new and updated types of content to be served to users through its sophisticated Suggestions AI. With this launch, Holler is expanding its content library to include popular, in-demand GIF content and creating new opportunities for developers, brands and marketers.

Messaging is the most popular way to communicate, and became even more essential in the age of social distancing. Holler focuses on providing the expressive content necessary to make online conversations better. Its AI technology has the power to understand the context of conversations, so Holler can provide users with relevant content at just the right moment in time. Holler Kit 5 enables Holler’s high-performance content engine to suggest even more types of content to users, and allows developers to implement a single, all-encompassing integration in their apps to incorporate ever expanding content formats.

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Holler Kit 5 is revolutionary because it brings major GIF platforms into conversations through its suggestion technology, negating the need for users to search for that perfect GIF. These GIFs will also be available alongside Holler’s existing premium, animated stickers designed by Holler Studios. The Holler Studios team is composed of seasoned animators who excel at creating engaging content specifically designed to create greater expression, nuance and understanding to messaging.

The updated AI technology within Holler Kit 5 also has improved capabilities to better understand the context of conversations and instantly provide people with relevant content. Holler uses proprietary, on-device suggestions AI to provide a variety of content recommendations based on the context of messages as users are typing. The on-device suggestions ensure that privacy is a priority, as information never leaves the mobile device. Holler’s continued innovation in suggestions AI has massive benefits for users, developers and brands, as the company has seen 40x more shares of content surfaced through suggestions versus manual search.

For users, Holler creates a seamless and fun messaging experience. Developers will see maximized engagement on their platforms due to engaging content that is shared more frequently. For brands, Holler’s technology allows them to increase brand awareness and affinity with consumers by providing access to people having conversations that are relevant to their businesses. Holler Studios works directly with brands to develop branded stickers, and soon, original branded GIFs.

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Holler is integrated into several different messaging experiences, including general keyboards, payments, dating, social and more, and serves over one billion content recommendations per day. With this new update, Holler can also be integrated into camera functions of apps, providing users with stickers to layer on top of photos or videos.

“Our goal at Holler is to improve the quality of online messaging, and one of the core ways we’ll do so is by acting as a conversation concierge that serves up whatever a user may need,” said Travis Montaque, Holler CEO. “Holler Kit 5 is allowing us to take a major step towards this mission by offering premium content, served smartly. It was designed with developers in mind, as a single easy-to-install solution that can take platforms to the next level and improve overall user satisfaction. With 81% of people agreeing that visuals make conversation more fun, we knew it was time to take delivering content to the next level. Combining creativity and advanced technology has made Holler the one-stop-shop for improving online interactions.”

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