Incipio Group Announces Strategic Sustainability Partnership with Eastman

Incipio Group, a global leader in consumer technology solutions, and specialty materials provider Eastman, announce a strategic partnership that will enable Incipio Group to further incorporate recycled materials across its portfolio of brands. Incipio Group will begin incorporating Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester, a durable, BPA-free material with 50% ISCC-certified recycled content,* into select product lines across its brand portfolio beginning later this year.

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The Incipio Group brand portfolio offers consumers a diverse lineup of products sold under the Incipio, Survivor, Incase and Griffin brands, including protective cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile accessories, as well as power management and other productivity solutions.

“Incipio Group has made a commitment to find a one-for-one sustainable substitute where possible for every material used in our products across all of our brands,” said Brian Stech, CEO of Incipio Group. “Eastman’s Tritan Renew will help drive this goal forward, enabling us to bring products with certified recycled content into our core protective case lines without sacrificing durability, clarity or performance. We’re excited to collaborate with Eastman as they share our values of innovation and sustainability.”

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Tritan Renew is made through Eastman’s Advanced Circular Recycling technologies — also known as molecular recycling — which break down plastic waste into fundamental building blocks to be used to create pristine new material. By replacing traditional fossil feedstocks with plastic waste, the company is helping to divert plastic from landfills, incinerators, or ending up as litter in the ocean. The process also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing with fossil feedstocks. Unlike those made from mechanically recycled plastic, products made with Tritan Renew present no trade-offs in quality or clarity, providing the performance consumers demand.

“Incipio is boldly acting on their commitment to sustainable materials,” said Scott Ballard, vice president and general manager of Specialty Plastics at Eastman. “Protective cases are a new application for Tritan. It is exciting to see companies do the hard work to adopt new materials—not only for performance or cost reasons—but because they want to reduce their environmental impact. All of this is made possible by our molecular recycling technology.”

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