Ambow Education Forms Strategic Cooperation with Adobe Authorized Training Centre in China (AATC) for Digital Creative Talents Training and Relevant Certification Services

Ambow Education Holding Ltd. , a leading provider of educational and career enhancement services in China, announced that in order to further promote the service of high-quality overseas education and training resources for more learners, it has established a partnership with Adobe Authorized Training Centre (AATC), the world’s leading digital media and online marketing solution provider. The partnership will aim to carry out in-depth cooperation in international talent training and certification services, providing international certification services for Chinese students, and helping students improve their competitiveness and professional skills in the workplace.

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Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) is recognized as a comprehensive, scientific, rigorous and efficient assessment system launched by Adobe Company for Adobe software learners and users around the world, including Adobe Photoshop Certification, Adobe Illustrator Certification, Adobe InDesign Certification, Adobe Animate Certification, etc. ACP is available in 19 languages across 128 countries and regions, and is widely accepted and recognized by the international community. Additionally, it has become an important scientific reference standard for enterprise during the process of talent selection and recruitment.

As part of the cooperation agreement between Ambow and AATC in international talent development and certification services, AATC will officially authorize Ambow as the “Authorized Regional Management Center,” through which Ambow is able to develop AATC Authorized offices and assist in the training and certification of Adobe products in the authorized region. Simultaneously, Ambow will conduct intensive pre-exam trainings for students who are taking ACP certificate exams at its training institutions nationwide with experienced teachers, combining practical and simulated training with theory to help students pass the exams. The two-way cooperation effectively combines technologies from a leading company in software with China’s prominent education service provider. Ambow will leverage this collaboration to offer more practical courses and value, creating new opportunities to nurture digital creative talents.

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“The digital creative industry is growing rapidly, and the gradual adoption of 5G and the advancement of artificial intelligence will likely trigger another round of development and growth in this industry. We are very excited about our timely collaboration with Adobe as it perfectly positions internationally-recognized professional talents to seize opportunities in the rapidly-developing digital creative industry,” said Dr. Jin Huang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambow. “The strategic cooperation between Ambow and AATC will leverage Ambow’s more than 20 years of experience in professional education that meets the needs of the industry and the future through various ways such as international certification, teacher training, competition etc., to equip talents with professional, practical skills and international communicating skills, empowering our students to improve their work skills and professional qualities and setting them on course for great digital creative careers.”