OUTFRONT Media Kicks Off its New York Content Program with the Museum of Modern Art as Launch Partner

OUTFRONT Media Inc. announced the launch of its content program aimed at providing curated content to entertain, inform and engage audiences in transit environments. The material has been designed to earn the attention of subway riders with content that is visually engaging, relevant and of value to the transit rider. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will kick off the program, bringing renowned works from their collection out into the city for its residents and visitors to enjoy.

The project begins with a selection of works, including Vincent van Gogh’s iconic The Starry Night and James Turrell’scelebrated Meeting. Commuters will be able to take in beloved works of art from MoMA’s collection featured on OUTFRONT’s Liveboard digital displays in subway stations throughout New York City, as well as Metro North Railroad and Long Island Railroad stations and within cars, as the screens are fitted. MoMA will share a new compilation every month, including paintings, sculpture, animation and full motion video.

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“We are excited by this opportunity to bring our collection out into the city. We hope it brings a moment of inspiration and enjoyment to New Yorkers as well as visitors to our city,” said Rob Baker, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy at MoMA.

OUTFRONT is championing the use of the out-of-home to improve the quality of audiences’ on-the-go experiences with more than just engaging advertising content.

“The growth of digital out-of-home allows the media to become a vibrant channel that informs and entertains audiences with compelling and relevant content. We’re always honored to partner with organizations like MoMA that are just as passionate about what they do as we are,” said Jason Kuperman, Chief Product Experience Officer of OUTFRONT Media. “Being able to deliver museum-worthy art installations in a transit environment improves people’s experiences in these spaces and provides value for the entire ecosystem of content partners, audiences, transit authorities and advertisers.”

Not limited to New York City, OUTFRONT plans to include similar content across its digital network for consumers in metros and towns across the country. OUTFRONT plans to expand the types of curated content categories based on the needs and interests of transit riders.

“At the MTA, we are always looking for ways to improve our commuters’ journeys and OUTFRONT’s digital displays and the added content that comes along with them are a big part of this'” said Janno Lieber, Chief Development Officer at the State of NY MTA. “With these screens we are able to share moments of interest and fun with our riders, similar to the art and poetry they have come to expect from our system.”

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