Digital Marketing Agencies and SEO Providers Boost Business and Lead Generation with New Software Powered by Fastbase

Competition for Online Advertisers and SEO Agencies Grows
Google, the most popular search engine in the world, has about 94% of the mobile search engine market share worldwide and a 92% share on all platforms.1 About 800 million people use the service every month helping the search engine giant to sell over $100 billion dollars of online ads in 2018 alone.2 A large part of Google’s revenue comes from digital agencies, but competition has grown in the ever-expanding online advertising marketplace. One of the reasons for the big competition between both digital agencies and the company itself is that Google Ads is built on the auction principle, which makes many popular keywords expensive to advertise. Because of this, most advertisers have to constantly monitor keywords and regularly optimize campaigns in order to maximize ad spend.

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New Software identifies what businesses are searching for on Google 
The software company, Fastbase, has just released a beta version of its new tool that can identify what companies are searching for on Google. Fastbase has developed a popular extension to Google Analytics that analyzes more than 1.5 billion website visits each week. This useful information can give both digital marketing and SEO agencies new opportunities to improve their online campaigns and generate even more leads for their agency and their clients. The tool, named “Google InMarket Leads”, allows users to view the companies searching for any brand, product, or service online in nearly real-time. This helps digital marketing agencies to better understand which keywords attract the best leads.

What Information does Google InMarket Leads provide?
Google InMarket Leads allows users to search by keywords, location, and the time period the search was performed. The tool then generates detailed information about the companies that have made the searches, including company name, address, website, industry, phone number, key employee names, email addresses, and more.

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