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Invoca Launches New Solution for Marketers to Scale and Optimize Local Marketing Efforts

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Invoca announced a new set of features for marketers who drive calls to many physical locations, such as health clinics, local insurance agents, bank branches, and hotel properties. For the first time, corporate marketers can have a single source of data and a centralized process for attributing revenue from calls to multiple destinations, while maintaining a consistent experience across digital, voice, and in-store, and understanding conversation trends at scale.

“At Dignity Health, providing high-quality health care to all is the core mission of our business,” said Michael Seagraves, senior director of digital transformation at Dignity Health. “Invoca’s new capabilities help us manage hundreds of local provider numbers and personalized call responses. We can now encourage patients to call local care sites while still maintaining visibility into the performance of our digital assets and associated marketing campaigns which helps us improve patients’ overall experience with Dignity Health.”

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Having clinics or agents distributed across the country helps brands create a more personal and localized customer experience, which is welcomed by consumers. Recent research from Invoca and Adobe found that 52 percent of millennials prefer to interact with a human rather than a machine, and 54 percent are relieved when they can turn to a phone call for information when buying complicated or expensive products. While having more physical locations that people can visit or call may be great for business as a whole, the fragmented model makes it challenging for the corporate marketing team to get the data they need to make smart spending decisions that will increase revenue and deliver a seamless customer experience across digital, voice, and physical touchpoints.

With Invoca’s new features, marketers working in high-touch industries like healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications finally have the tools to get valuable call attribution data and connect each caller with the best possible destination, by:

  • Automatically identifying multiple phone numbers on a webpage, like a list of local insurance agents or medical offices, and replacing them with trackable numbers, which route to the original phone number destination. Previously, marketers had to manually locate every number on their website properties — sometimes reaching into the tens of thousands — then create and manage individual call treatments for each phone numbers.
  • Combining digital data captured by Invoca, or through integrations with Adobe, Google, and Salesforce, with customer and product databases to intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent, department, or branch. For example, when taking out a mortgage, this would entail calling a national bank and immediately getting routed to your local branch and connected with a broker who specializes in your needs.
  • Enabling brands to integrate data from digital, voice, and in-person interactions into Salesforce to provide a unified view of the consumer for in-store associates.
  • Understanding conversation trends and patterns across thousands of locations, with Invoca’s market-leading Signal AI technology, which uses machine learning to automatically classify phone calls based on consumer intent.

“We direct calls from our website to local retailers all over the country, and that makes it challenging to track sales that happen over the phone,” said Ryan Freeman, digital strategist at Renewal by Andersen. “With Invoca, we now have full visibility of conversion data from all our retailers, allowing us to optimize both our marketing spend and advertising campaigns.”

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“From AT&T opening 1,000 new stores to Amazon investing in brick and mortar locations, we’re seeing brands use a combination of digital and voice technologies to complement a new, modern approach to physical locations,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO at Invoca. “But as they seek to improve the customer experience in person and over the phone, brands need to connect these offline experiences with what’s happening in digital. Our platform gives brands the tools and data necessary to optimize call marketing efforts for any number of physical locations, which are often tied to selling their most profitable and differentiated products and services.”

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