RootsRated Media Rebrands to Matcha and Broadens Vision to Unleash the Power of Content for Small Businesses

Matcha Empowers Lean Marketing Teams with the First Comprehensive Content Marketing Solution Built for Direct-To-Consumer Brands

RootsRated Media, the leading content marketing platform for lean marketing teams, unveiled its new brand identity today. Now known as Matcha, the company has rolled out an entirely new logo, color scheme and website. The new brand aligns with their vision to give lean marketing teams the power of data-driven content marketing, as well as their aim to kick off a broader conversation about what Matcha is calling, the “E-Commerce Revolution 2.0.

“Just as Matcha tea provides lasting energy to the drinker, we believe our content, insights and services act as fuel to boost marketing efforts and drive sustainable growth for small and medium size businesses,” said Fynn Glover, founder and CEO. “Platforms like Shopify, Stripe and Facebook have revolutionized small businesses by making it easier than ever to get a business off the ground. Yet competition has made it harder than ever to build lasting success. It’s time for a new crop of solutions to empower small marketing teams to stand out in crowded markets and maintain strong growth trajectories. Matcha does this by making authentic storytelling and data-driven content marketing accessible, scalable and performant for e-commerce marketers at small and medium sized businesses.”

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Matcha is a turnkey content solution that helps resource-strapped marketers to sustainably acquire, engage and retain more customers. Matcha combines software and services to provide a holistic solution to the challenges of content production, distribution and measurement.

  • Solving the content supply problem: Matcha boasts a content library of nearly 10,000 articles where marketers can select and instantly publish engaging content to use for multi-audience prospecting and highly tailored email marketing. Matcha also manages a network of hundreds of professional freelance writers and photographers to create bespoke, original content that deepens brand storytelling and customer engagement for clients.
  • Enabling smart distribution: Matcha includes paid social media planning and management without the common agency retainer to ensure content reaches the intended audiences and maximize the results from using the platform.
  • Proving content performance: Robust analytics allow users to understand the ROI of content marketing by showing how articles influence channel performance, on-site engagement, lead acquisition and sales.

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Ultimately, Matcha enables better prospecting, email marketing, SEO and brand marketing results for small businesses selling direct-to-consumer.

“Historically, content marketing has been off-limits for e-commerce businesses with lean marketing teams. One of the biggest problems for small businesses is creating, distributing and measuring content that fuels meaningful customer experiences,” said Dave Gould, General Partner at TechOperators. “SMB marketers need a solution that simplifies content marketing yet has a powerful impact on the results of their overall growth strategy. We’re big believers in what the Matcha platform can do and the larger revolution they are helping to drive for SMBs.”

Matcha is steeped in content marketing expertise that extends back to the founding of, the leading website for where to go outdoors, in 2012. The team behind the publishing business formed RootsRated Media in 2016 to leverage their experience to develop proprietary content marketing software for lean marketing teams. By mid-2018, RootsRated Media had raised its Series A led by TechOperators, relocated from Chattanooga to Atlanta, and made the decision to rebrand as Matcha. The company recently moved into new offices near Krog Street Market in Atlanta.

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