YOYOW Releases New Version of Whitepaper, Listed on Bitfinex

YOYOW, Which Stands for You Own Your Own Words, Is a Blockchain-Based Network Aiming to Quantify Contribution and Give Rewards to Participants in the Content Producing Sector

YOYOW, a blockchain based content rewards network, released a new version of a whitepaper, revealing the latest updates and changes to their network. The company aspires to become China’s first public blockchain for content platforms. They also plan to expand their reach to a global market by leveraging their new ability to enable third-party developers, writers and bloggers to build their own branded content platforms on the top of YOYOW network.

YOYOW Releases New Version of Whitepaper, Listed on Bitfinex
Qiang Liu

“We will provide SDKs and detailed development documents for third-party developers to help them build their own customized content platforms, like blockchain version of Quora, Twitter or Facebook. Different types of content platforms can be built on the top of YOYOW network, for independent bloggers or writers. We will provide plug-ins to enable them to create their own branded platforms. All these platforms use the same system token – YOYO token – to reward content creators, curators, and consumers and the same user account system on the same blockchain YOYOW will become the underlying content rewards network for content platforms,” stated Qiang Liu, founder, YOYOW.

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In the past few months, the team has completed the YOYOW blockchain, command line wallet, desktop version of wallet, web wallet, a blockchain explorer and a beta version of WordPress plugin had been released for evaluation.

Beside of releasing the new version of the whitepaper, the ERC20 version of YOYO token has also been listed on Bitfinex – a bitcoin exchange.

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YOYOW, which stands for You Own Your Own Words, is a blockchain-based network aiming to quantify contribution and give rewards to participants in the content producing sector, with decentralized consensus methods so that content producers, content investors, curators, and consumers of the content ecosystem can be provided with incentives and returns as appropriate.

YOYOW is designed for establishing a rational content-generated income distribution mechanism and a value network based on users’ ratings on content. Any content platforms, including but not limited to websites and APPs, regardless of their themes presented in the format of text, video, image, audio or live broadcast, etc., are eligible to create the corresponding content-oriented incentive platforms based on the YOYOW network. Content producers, content investors, curators and builders of the content ecosystem will be rewarded according to the YOYOW eco-environment and users’ ratings of content.

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