Piktochart Surveyed 1000+ Companies and Released Statistics on Graphic Design

81% of business organizations use graphic design in various formats, according to a survey conducted by Piktochart.

Piktochart conducted a survey in which participated 1100 business professionals around the globe from various industries, brands, and company sizes. The study focused on how businesses use graphic design in their industry, their biggest challenges, their processes, and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted their decisions regarding graphic design.

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The primary results of Piktochart’s survey are the following:

81% of business organizations use graphic design in various formats.

Out of the 19% of companies that don’t use graphic design, 67% would make graphic design assets if offered an easier and more cost-effective way.

50% of the respondents increased their budget for graphic design tools and projects in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Businesses’ top 5 visual content formats in 2021 were social media graphics, presentations, videos, flyers/brochures, and posters.

“We are on a constant development path, for both our product Piktochart and our understanding of customers’ needs. We found ourselves requiring more data to make better decisions in developing our product as an information design solution. The focus was on analyzing the current state of graphic design for businesses, particularly the B2B space. We wanted to gather more insight into their design workflow and specific needs. We couldn’t find any new statistics on graphic design for B2B, so we decided to conduct our own survey in December last year,” said Agata Krzysztofik, VP of Growth at Piktochart.

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Survey Demographics

In December 2021, 1101 respondents from 10 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands).

The organizational roles of the respondents are as follows:

Middle management – 39%
Owner/partner – 26%
C-level/President – 19%
Director- 19%
Senior management – 7%

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