Marketing 360® Releases Medical Practice Case Study Showing the Power of Multi-Channel Advertising

Medical practices are not always thinking about marketing, but with the abundance of options available for prospective patients, marketing for medical practices is more important than ever.

Utilizing a multi-channel approach for marketing and advertising can prove to maximize results, and in this case study, one medical practice did just that. With the help of their Marketing 360® Success Manager and Content Marketing Strategist, plus an aggressive budget, they were able to drive hundreds of millions of impressions, millions of clicks, and more than a million conversions in just 6 months.

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The strategy? Knowing the target audience and demographics can make marketing campaigns extremely effective, and this medical practice used data to target prospective patients based on where they spend the most time – Facebook, Google, and Instagram – and targeted people in only the areas they serve.

Facebook ended up being, by far, their most successful advertising channel, driving tens of thousands of conversions and more than a million post clicks/reactions.This success came from a combination of Facebook advertising and organic posting.

On Google, they targeted people who were searching for terms, like “same day COVID testing” and “curative COVID test”,again by utilizing both a paid and organic approach. Their content marketing specialist optimized their website for these key terms, created blogs, videos, and landing pages.

This multi-channel medical practice marketing strategy created a huge boost in new patients, with an extremely high ROI.

Through many tools and integrated apps, plus the backing of a Marketing Success Manager and dedicated team, Marketing 360 makes it easy for small businesses to manage their business and marketing, all from one place while saving time, money, and tons of manual work. Learn more about Marketing 360 at

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