Mobiquity Launches New AI Powered Features to Advangelists Platform – AdWrap

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation advertising technology, is introducing its auto generated campaign wrap-up reports – AdWrap. The insights and inferences help advertisers understand where they should be directing their Ad spend and help drive the vision of a true Self Serve Platform. With the shift in the way media agencies and advertisers operate, it has become prudent to focus not only on impression-based reporting but also to use artificial intelligence to understand insights and actionable items.

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AdWrap provides seamless end-to-end insight-based reporting that encapsulates the decision making process, the inventory selection process, and ad fraud detection algorithms. It also brings years of experience from human insights that are put into campaign optimization into a singular output. The system is designed to provide the advertiser with a curated set of reports that can be used as high level or lower level as the advertiser desires.

AdWrap will be able to provide insights to understand what tools behave better across – Creatives, sizes, inventory, audience, time of day, weather, publisher insights, demographics, user hardware, how a phone is held, ambient inputs, battery and much more. These insights are not only important to optimize the current campaign but also provide valuable insights into the sales planning process and future planning processes of advertisers.

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“We want you to create a platform that gives the best and most advanced services to our enterprise clients, and also provide the same level of service to small and medium businesses,” said Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies. “We believe in the power of artificial intelligence, powered by human intelligence. We have gathered years of intelligence that has been collected by running thousands of campaigns across digital media and created an inference-based engine that can apply these insights dynamically into the reporting ecosystem.”

AdWrap is a new and innovative feature added to the Advangelists platform and is available for use. Advertisers will have an option to test and request guided walkthroughs of this product starting today. The ease of use and the automation behind the product enables account managers and ad operations to focus on what matters most – the strategy.

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