UVertz “Ads On The Go” Platform Launches in New York with the New York Yankees

UVertz is pleased to announce a media campaign for the New York Yankees this summer using its one-of-a-kind digital screen technology.

UVertz is pleased to announce the implementation of its patented, one-of-a-kind digital screen technology in a ground-breaking media campaign for the New York Yankees running in Metro NYC this summer.

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The UVertz proprietary OOH “Ads on the Go” platform places geo-targeted digital ads in the rear windows of gig economy cars. Vibrant static ads (8 to 10 seconds each) on a continuous loop appear to be floating on the rear window. Dwell time is tailored to engage a captive audience with brand reinforcement and Twitter-style messaging. The UVertz technology engages the hierarchy by which the brain pays attention to media, focusing on three unique features: (1) motion, (2) novelty, and (3) unexpected newness. It combats the repetition blindness that plagues more traditional advertising campaigns and incumbent media, resulting in significantly higher viewer retention.

The UVertz digital platform can be leveraged to increase brand awareness, convert new customers, and enhance brand loyalty. The New York Yankees campaign rollout in New York City included 50 cars utilizing gig economy app drivers such as Uber, Lyft, and Grubhub.

John Z. Shafai, co-founder and CEO of UVertz said, “We are excited to launch in New York City with America’s favorite team, the New York Yankees. It’s such an iconic brand and we are thrilled to be working with them.”

With this New York Yankees partnership, UVertz continues its expansion into new advertising verticals that seek to leverage geo-targeted technology to build their brands by connecting directly with consumers in a more unique way.

UVertz offers a special thanks to Broadcast Marketing Corp. (BMC) for making this partnership happen. BMC is a New York based media / marketing firm that provides extensive media resources and marketing solutions.

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