David Bean Joins Firebolt Group as New President and Board Member

David takes the helm to usher Firebolt into a new era of innovation and success

Firebolt Group, an innovative software and hardware marketing solutions company for leading global brands, announces the appointment of David Bean as President and Board Member. The company brought David on to guide its impressive trajectory of growth this year helping brands re-emerge to connect with their customers.

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During David’s impressive 32-year career, he earned a reputation for delivering consistent double-digit growth for small, medium, and large companies. His expertise as a business leader includes sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, client relations, event management, project management, logistics and field services. From working and/or living in 30 different countries to leading the transformation of global companies, he understands the intricacies of a company’s business lays the groundwork for impressive results.

“The addition of David to our team means great things for the advancement of Firebolt”, says Philip Ochtman, Firebolt Group CEO. “His experience of leading companies into growth is exceptional. David is adept at taking companies forward through his knowledge, industry connections and his own drive to see companies succeed.”

David established himself as an agile visionary who can develop breakthrough business solutions that catapult growth and propels a company into market dominance.

“One of the aspects of David’s leadership and success is his ability to attract talent and improve the performance of legacy teams,” notes Hannan Lis, co-founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of Firebolt. “We look forward to him bringing that energy to our team.”

David’s philosophy, coined “beanisms,” is one way David shares his work practices. One beanism, THERE IS AN “I” IN TEAM, can be summed up by David; “When a business leader says there is no I in team, I cry foul. It’s an abdication of our most fundamental responsibility to nourish the individual. By investing in and driving the pace for teams, it’s been said I’m “rockets on the shoes” of my team. I accelerate their success freeing up everyone to do what they do best.”

Firebolt is poised for growth coming out of the pandemic by relying on its innovativeness and ability to adapt. From re-engineering it’s manufacturing facilities during the pandemic to manufacture PPE and ventilator supplies, to developing new technology applications, and launching their outdoor sign division. Firebolt is working on several new innovative technology offerings to introduce that David will spearhead for the company this year.

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