Messari Introduces Upgraded Version of Web3 Governance Platform Governor

Messari - Point72 Ventures

With this updated version, Messari’s Governor platform is the largest directory of decentralized autonomous organization information available anywhere.

Messari, a leading provider of crypto market intelligence products, announced the release of a new version of Messari Governor, which provides users a 360-degree view of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) ecosystem. This holistic view of the ecosystem empowers community members with the knowledge needed to participate in DAO governance.

A database of over 800 DAOs and 350 DAO tools, this newly-launched version of Governor is the largest database of DAOs and DAO tools available. Messari’s extensive upgraded offering includes in-depth DAO asset profiles that contain details on governance structure, process, tools, and frameworks. Users can search through the DAO directory directly on the Messari site by filtering through categories, such as protocol DAOs versus social DAOs, or music DAOs versus sports DAOs. Users can propose new DAOs and tools to be added to the database. With these enhanced features, users can efficiently discover the DAOs that are important to them.

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“This new version of Messari Governor completes its offer to focus not only on DAO governance, but also on their entire lifecycle, providing a holistic view for users to feel confident in self-governing their communities,” said Messari Governor Manager Tomas Molin. “Thanks to the largest databases of DAOs, DAO tools, and governance processes, this updated version is another step towards empowering participation across the DAO ecosystem.

Messari originally launched Governor in 2021 as a public, free-to-use governance aggregator and voting platform. The newest version of Governor lowers the barriers for newcomers to find DAOs that match their interests, DAO operators to find tools and services that will help them streamline their processes, and funds and service providers to conduct market research and analysis.

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