Plezi Unveils Plezi One, A Free Marketing Tool To Help Small Businesses On Their Journey To Digital Success

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Plezi One transforms B2B  websites into lead-machines.  And it’s now available in its public beta version!

After changing the way B2B companies do their marketing and with over 400 clients, Plezi wants to expand its offer to help more small businesses and start-ups – even the ones just starting out – by creating Plezi One. This free and intuitive tool allows companies to boost the amount of prospects generated through their website and helps them understand how their marketing is performing. All this, without needing any technical skills!

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How to help SMBs face all major B2B marketing challenges ?

Even today, many businesses struggle to launch a digital marketing strategy, mostly due to a lack of  confidence in getting positive results – as well as a fear that it will cost them valuable resources. A study shows that 69% of small companies own a website and try to optimize their online visibility through Google and social media. But very few are able to generate sales opportunities this way and 60% of them have no idea how much of their revenue is made through the web.

Many companies who have updated their site – or managed to get their offer online get disillusioned by the lack of satisfying results from their marketing. Particularly when it comes to identifying leads and real business.  Small companies who rely on their social media strategy, or are using SEO to be visible on Google can’t analyse what is driving their incoming leads or new clients. Just  as a shopkeeper sees what happens in their shop , SMEs should be able to understand which offers are going to generate the most clients through their website. Yet, executives usually have to settle for e-mail notifications listing new prospects and  data they don’t really understand.

While facing the complex challenges that come with every aspect of digital marketing, small businesses need to concentrate on two main things: being able to understand what is happening on their website and getting the right tools to convert visitors into leads.

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Plezi One : Turn your site into a lead machine

Plezi One is a new software that helps you easily understand your future clients’ digital journey, and transform more traffic into leads with smart forms.

Charles Dolisy, Plezi’s CEO and founder, explained : “Entrepreneurs don’t want to switch between a multitude of tools to implement the right actions, they want simple answers in the minimum amount of time and they want qualified leads. Plezi One allows them to implement and spread each of their campaigns easily and in record time.”

Rather than be flooded with more complex tools, Plezi One wants to become the new favorite tool for any small businesses with a small to no marketing team; businesses wishing to generate their first qualified leads and be fully aware of their website performance. 

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