Solpanda NFT Project: The First to Introduce an Interactive NFT Marketplace Metaverse

Solana based NFT project announced that they would expand their project by creating a metaverse with an Interactive NFT Marketplace utility.

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In this metaverse world called Solkingdom, Solpanda NFT holders can live, interact and gather with one as their NFT character. While others usually would be focusing on a game based NFT, Solpanda envisions a more social gathering based metaverse world where not only people can have fun social gatherings, but they can trade NFTs with one another. It would be an interactive marketplace where trade can happen between metaverse characters while keeping the transaction more secured than normal P2P NFT trading.

Big names among NFT creators will also be invited to have their ‘Storefront’ being build inside of world where their NFT character can be showcased in a full animated character.

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Solpanda will be just the first collection that will be living in this Solkingdom metaverse world and the team plans to also support other solana based NFT to be able to roam this world as the NFT character.

This first collection is scheduled to be released on 16th September 2021 on their website, Although Solkingdom will also be an NFT marketplace, the team has been diligently in close contacts with other marketplace such as Solsea, Digital Eyes, Solanart and any incoming marketplace for SolPanda listings to secure secondary market trading for our NFT holders.

In their Solpanda collections, 5 different ranks with Mystery rank being the rarest NFTs will be minted. Mystery rank only accounts to 0.1% out of the whole collection. Getting one will be a very good deal to any of the holders. Learn more about the team and roadmap by browsing their website:

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