ironSource Launches New User Growth Tools for iOS ToolKit

Two key user-growth products: comprehensive analysis for Universal SkAdNetwork Reporting, and campaign optimization through ad revenue Conversion Value Manager

ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, announced today the launch of two key products that support app developers in the new iOS era: Universal SKAN Reporting (SKAdNetwork) and CV Manager (Conversion Value). Universal SKAN Reporting provides developers with all their postbacks in real time directly from Apple, allowing them to view and analyze the data and get insights on user acquisition (UA) performance from all networks. The CV Manager enables developers who are using ironSource’s mediation platform to map the conversion values of new users according to the ad revenue generated during the first 24 hours since install. This allows developers to better understand user value and users’ predicted LTV, helping them optimize UA campaigns.

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“Our goal is to enable app developers to unlock a flywheel of continuous growth by utilizing our platform, and these solutions are another step in that direction”

“Our goal is to enable app developers to unlock a flywheel of continuous growth by utilizing our platform, and these solutions are another step in that direction,” explains Nimrod Zuta, VP Product, Sonic, at ironSource. “We have a deep understanding of the needs of ad-based apps and the products in the iOS Toolkit provide developers with unique insights on how to optimize their monetization and UA – both of which are heavily connected – in an iOS 14 and 15 era. This information will help developers better understand their users and subsequently gain an edge on their growth activity in this new reality.”

The iOS privacy changes have necessitated a new approach in the way UA managers understand user value and therefore how they optimize advertising strategies to drive user growth. Whereas with iOS 14 postbacks were only sent to each individual network, with the iOS 15 changes expected this month, app advertisers will be able to get a copy of all of their SkAdNetwork postbacks. Advertisers can then use ironSource’s advanced Universal SKAN Reporting product to analyse all of their postback data in real time, and make timely, data-driven decisions on how to best optimize their UA strategy across all networks. Developers can access advanced reporting tools that enrich their data and help save time on validating and analysing the data themselves. All UA managers need to do is add the ironSource URL to the Info.plist file and they will receive all of the data, which can then be transferred to any MMP or other party of the advertiser’s choice. Or, they can pass the postbacks to ironSource from any other server and then access the advanced reports.

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ironSource’s CV Manager is tailor-made for developers who rely heavily on in-app ads, and who require a dedicated solution that is focused on their monetization needs. Once a developer has mapped their conversion value buckets, ironSource updates the conversion values for each new user based on the ad revenue they generated in the first 24 hours from the app being launched. Developers can then see a breakdown of how many users fall into each conversion value bucket, together with ARPU D0, giving them an understanding of user quality, enabling them to optimize user acquisition.

The data can further be leveraged when the ironSource CV Manager is used together with the ironSource Universal SKAN Reporting, as a developer can immediately receive the estimated value of each conversion value, uncovering the actual return for campaigns across all networks.

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