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New Study From Adjust Shows App Economy Resilient In The Face Of COVID-19

Report also sheds light on differences between paid and organic installs, noting that app marketing is fast becoming a pay-to-play game as marketers build up paid activities The outbreak of COVID-19 has upended economies throughout the world, but one in particular has shown extraordinary resilience: the App Economy. Global SaaS company Adjust’s annual App Trends 2020 report, which looks at long-term trends based on data from 2019, includes valuable insights into how COVID-19 has affected the app economy by comparing Q1…

engage:BDR Enters into New Programmatic Advertising Agreements with Two of Asia’s Largest Programmatic Advertising Companies

Continues the Rapid Expansion of Its Programmatic Advertising Business into the Fast-Growing Chinese and Indian Markets engage:BDR has announced that it has signed agreements with two of Asia’s largest programmatic advertising companies to integrate them into the engage:BDR programmatic platform. The first of the two Company’s is Chinese based Yeahmobi and the second has requested that its identity remain confidential for commercial reasons. The projected 2018 calendar year revenue for these two contracts is AUD $4…