Moviebook Showcases Full-Stack Technology Solutions for Digital Commerce at CIFTIS 2021 in Beijing

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and service provider, is exhibiting its self-developed innovative products and solutions tailored for the development of digital commerce at the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS 2021) at the China National Convention Center and Shougang Park in Beijing from Sept. 2 to 7, 2021.

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Located at the center of the exhibition area, Moviebook’s miniature factory – a sandbox model of the Company’s digital factory, is an intelligent manufacturing base for digital commerce. This model demonstrates major procedures involved in the intelligent production of digitized products and represents one part of the Company’s overall digital infrastructure. Another eye-catching solution is Moviebook’s system for the holographic simulation of the production process. Building on technologies such as simulation, spatial computing and AR, the system showcases the miniature factory in a simulated manner and vividly demonstrates all production chain links, thereby giving attendees a better understanding of how physical products are converted into their digital counterparts. And arguably the busiest at the exhibition center is Moviebook’s automatic guided vehicle, which works 24/7 to smooth the way for the intelligent production of digitized products.

As China enters a stage of high-quality development, trade in services is gradually becoming an important driver of building a new developmental pattern, boosting international cooperation, and acquiring a new competitive edge, bringing unprecedented development opportunities. The application of digital technologies has bolstered digital innovation on the supply side and digital consumption on the demand side, and consequently boosted services trade by expanding the scope of tradable services as well as trading regions.

One simple example is retail ecommerce. Online retail used to entail mostly shooting product photos before uploading them together with product descriptions including color, size, and material to online stores, or sometimes utilizing simple 3D models. This has now progressed to actual products, shop assistants and the store layout demonstrated in a multi-dimensional and even interactive manner, thanks to digital twin technology. This upgrading of ecommerce is of great significance to both customers and businesses.

Building on AI-powered intelligent video production technologies and digital twin technology, Moviebook has launched its full-stack technology solutions customized for the growth of digital commerce. These solutions enable clients in multiple industries including retail ecommerce to demonstrate merchandise in a multi-dimensional and interactive fashion, helping to accelerate the digitization of trade in goods and services and industrial digital transformation.

Some industry insiders argue that in addition to services trade, traditional industries are also experiencing considerable changes in an era where the whole real economy is undergoing comprehensive digital transformation. New-generation information technologies such as AI and cloud computing are being adopted by a myriad of industries. As digital resources penetrate every link of the industrial chain in multifarious forms, industrial processes will be reshaped and old growth drivers will be substituted with new ones, opening up immense new possibilities and creating new added value. Ultimately, industries will be completely restructured and upgraded.

CIFTIS, co-organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, is the world’s first comprehensive trade-in-services platform which enables China to open up its services sector. The theme of CIFTIS 2021 is “Towards Digital Future and Service Driven Development,” which is reflective of hot global topics and latest trends such as digital economy, peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. CIFTIS 2021 has invited many leading providers of digital services from around the world to demonstrate leading-edge digital, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and AI technologies and their applications in the global services sector.

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