Airbridge Announces Airbridge Incrementality its First-to-Market Solution Leveraging Facebook’s Mobile Measurement and Multi-Touch Attribution Partner Programs

Airbridge, a universal attribution platform for web and mobile, today announced the launch of Airbridge Incrementality to help brands measure the incremental effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, and with this offering, becomes the first attribution service provider to be both a Facebook badged Mobile Measurement Partnership (MMP) and Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) Partner.

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Airbridge Incrementality signals a paradigm shift in the attribution industry: Airbridge Incrementality, made possible with Facebook’s MTA program, directly answers the industry’s call for a more holistic measurement technique that analyzes the incremental benefits of their advertising on user conversion, while accounting for the multi-touch and cross-platform values in attribution analysis.

“With Airbridge Incrementality, Airbridge is positioning itself as a complete attribution toolkit that helps bridge the current gaps in the attribution and measurement industry: offering marketers a full-suite solution from unified web and mobile attribution, extensive deep linking, and finally a game-changing incrementality measurement suite,” said Roi Nam, CEO and Co-Founder of Airbridge.

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With incrementality results refreshed daily and obtainable once the incrementality machine learning engine is properly integrated with the right amount of data sets, marketers using Airbridge Incrementality are able to gain deeper actionable insights into how various metrics such as CPA for ‘Install’ and ‘Order Complete’ events, and ROAS for ‘Revenue’ are performing incrementally across various advertising channels.

Commenting on a change in their marketing measurement practices, Woohyun Park, Head of Marketing Business from GS Retail, one of Korea’s largest home shopping & retail companies, remarked: “We were able to quickly obtain a trustable second opinion through Airbridge Incrementality to compare whether certain advertising channels were overvalued or undervalued by last-touch attribution, followed by studying the incremental benefits of our advertising towards various metrics before optimizing our spend on advertising channels that deliver the highest incremental benefits for user acquisition and conversion.”

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