Flow Kiosk Launches as the QR Code Kiosk

Flow Kiosk is the only iPad app with an integrated QR Code remote to power touchless, contactless kiosk experiences.

Flow Kiosk relaunches with a commitment to safety and security as the QR Code Kiosk, with new touchless kiosk features. As Covid 19 spread around the world, it altered nearly every aspect of life. As the world reopens, and with the delta variant emerging, Flow Kiosk brings to market the QR Code Kiosk that allow users to interact with kiosks without the need to touch, putting safety first, and allowing business to get back to work better.

“We saw so many businesses suffer these last 18 months because of Covid 19. Our own business was affected with museums and trade shows effectively shut down for months. We tasked ourselves to imagine a solution that would allow users to interact safely with kiosks,” said Brent Brookler, Founder of Flow Kiosk. Brookler continued, “Because QR Codes have steadily grown in usage, especially now with Covid precautions, we knew that integrating an interactive kiosk solution triggered by QR Code was the right approach.”

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How QR Code Kiosk Works

Users scan the QR Code displayed within the presentation on the iPad with their mobile phone. This will launch a web browser that pairs to the screen. By interacting with your mobile web browser, a user controls the iPad, changing screens, launching videos etc. Companies and institutions can also add information and links to further engage with guests and customers on their mobile phones.

“The new QR Code remote control in Flow Kiosk is a great option that we would suggest to our exhibit customers. Its’ appeal is that it allows visitors to interact on their own devices, while their attention remains in the gallery. It is simple and intuitive to use,” said Jill Randerson, 20 year exhibit designer and consultant with customers such as The Gates Foundation Discovery Center, Museum of Science and Industry, Amazon and dozens more.

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QR Code Usage Explosion

QR Codes were invented in 1994, and have grown in use slowly over the years. QR Codes were invented by Denso Wave, a Japanese company that used QR Codes to aid with automotive supply chains. After several false starts to massive growth, QR Codes are now fully adopted by mainstream users. In 2017, with Apple’s iOS 11, a QR Code scanner was built into the iPhone camera, sowing the seeds for mass adoption in the US and around the world. But in 2020 and 2021, Covid 19 fully mainstreamed the use of QR Codes.