Four Step Marketing Consultants Announce Two New Marketing SaaS Applications

Four Step Marketing Consultants Announce Two New Marketing SaaS Applications

FSMC Hopes to Bring Personalized and Measurable Marketing to Every Business

Four Step Marketing Consultants (FSMC), marketing technology company based out of Central Florida, announced plans to build two new SaaS marketing applications. The new marketing apps are expected to bring two new income streams to FSMC as well as an opportunity to gain more influence in the business world.

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Four Step Marketing Consultants Announce Two New Marketing SaaS Applications
Matt Law

“As marketing consultants, we are up to our eyeballs in technology. For every tool we use, there are three more providers behind them asking for our business. The decision to build out and release these new marketing apps doesn’t come lightly. Our team and investors believe that the ideas are unique and that there will be a strong demand for these applications with business owners. Additionally, the apps will not target the saturated market of agency management. Instead, the two applications will solve two significant problems and will be delivered with clean user interfaces, making them easy for businesses to integrate,” said Matt Law, CEO, FSMC.

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The first application is slated to be a unified system for measuring a company’s marketing. The core components of the application provide a simplified way for a business to track online and offline marketing. The app will include call tracking, visitor sessions and goals, ROI and various other aspects to determine a campaign’s effectiveness.

The second application is related to personalizing user experiences. The app will generate personalized URLs for offline marketing and customize the user’s online experience based on their history with the company. Though other applications like this do exist, FSMC believes they are missing key features and technology which renders them useless.

“We’ve already built the JavaScript and databases, so the hard part is already done. We’ve also been testing the technology out with our clients for quite a while and are excited about the opportunity to share them with the world. Though we’re not quite sure when the first application will be released, I’d expect we’ll be able to deliver a beta release within six to 12 months of starting on the projects,” Matt added.

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