JOKR Launches New App Featuring Automated Content Curation to Further Redefine Shopping Experience

Instant Delivery App Launches Customized Feed and Predictive Features

JOKR, a leading instant delivery grocer, announced the launch of the new JOKR mobile app. Known for hyper-local retail delivery, personalization, and sustainability, JOKR’s predictive, AI-driven platform will reinvent how consumers shop through their mobile phones by offering personalized product suggestions and curated content.

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Utilizing JOKR’s proprietary AI platform, this next iteration provides a customized and curated list of items for each user based on past shopping behaviors, offering locally sourced items that are specific to the communities they live in. Customers will also be provided with a more seamless, personalized shopping experience through a feed of recipes and engaging content.

JOKR’s new app stands out in the market as it displays automated content creation and the most relevant items for each individual when they desire it. Utilizing predictive AI will help JOKR learn users’ favorite items and curate suggestions according to tastes, fulfilling their immediate needs and stomachs through local and fresh consumer goods when and where they want it.

“We believe in constant improvements and consumer-centric products. Our app is a key aspect to delighting our users with an engaging and flexible front end while using data to surface the most relevant and unique assortment of products to make it a fully personalized user experience,” said Sven Grajetzki, Chief Product and Technology Officer at JOKR.

Since the launch in 2021, JOKR has quickly expanded across 8 different countries and currently serves 15 cities around the world. The rapid growth provided JOKR with a vast amount of data on consumer behavior and preferences, which is now being used for its new app, further elevating its value proposition as an entirely personalized shopping experience.

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