Tech-Obsessed Americans Are More Impatient Today Than Five Years Ago

Fetch 2017 July Infographic Instant Gratification USAFetch, the mobile-first media agency, revealed the findings of its new YouGov research titled ‘The Instant Gratification Nation,’ which identifies that the United States is a speed-obsessed nation. As many as 41% of U.S. consumers admit to being more impatient today than they were five years ago, due to their overreliance on technology to complete everyday life activities.

The research also found that when using mobile apps for services:

  • Only 26% of US consumers are prepared to wait more than 30 minutes for takeout they ordered using an app such as Seamless or Uber Eats
  • When waiting for a taxi that was ordered via a mobile app (such a Lyft or Uber), 41% of US consumers are wouldn’t wait more than 15 minutes
  • In terms of demographic split, 45% of millennials are more impatient today than they were five years ago, due to their reliance on technology, while only 40% of those aged 55 and above claim to be more impatient today signaling a shift in their growing comfort using technology on a daily basis

 When it comes to technology frustrations, of those who gave a response the research found:

  • 24% of respondents would be most frustrated when making a complaint about a product/service and having to interact with an automated responder/ chatbot instead of a person
  • 16% of millennials also feel this way
  • The second most frustrating aspect about technology for all respondents (14%) was when browsing on a mobile phone is interrupted with irrelevant advertising
  • The third most frustrating thing about technology for all respondents (11%) not being able to find an answer using an online search engine
  • In addition, the research also found millennials are more receptive than the older generations to using artificial intelligence assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Home in order to improve the speed at which they carry out everyday tasks (50% of 18-34s said they would be comfortable doing so compared to 39% of those aged 35 and over).

Fetch has determined key ways in which brands need to interact with this impatient and technology-obsessed generation:

  • The need for speed is essential but it is also important to provide a seamless user experience across different devices. Millennials are likely to view brands on their mobile, tablet and laptops, so a cross-channel experience is essential i.e. the ability for a consumer to view a website on one device and continue their surfing where they left off on another device
  • Millennials rarely read text on the go, preferring video content. Brands should therefore focus on mobile video as this media is quick and easy to digest
  • Personalization is an effective way to appeal to millennials providing them with a more intimate experience, meeting their more immediate gratification demands whilst fostering a strong brand connection.

Julian Smith, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Fetch said, “The Instant Gratification Nation research highlights that the U.S.’s obsession with technology has created a young generation of impatient consumers who prefer to consume content fast on the go via their mobile devices.There are clear differences in the way millennials and over 55-year olds interact with technology and this is an important lesson for brands when considering how to approach them and improve their services.”

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