CrossInstall Launches Creatives as a Service to Develop Playable Mobile Ads for Facebook, Google, and Other Platforms

CrossInstall, a provider of programmatic interactive mobile ads, unveiled Creatives as a Service (CaaS), a new unit dedicated to producing high-quality playable ad units across major networks like Facebook, Google UAC, Snap, and others. Now, advertisers can leverage the power of CrossInstall’s highly engaging and custom-designed playable ads to expand their reach to the hundreds of millions of users across the industry’s largest platforms.

CrossInstall playables enable consumers to experience an application before they download it by playing a version of it directly within the ad unit. The new service draws on the company’s in-house creative expertise to ensure each client receives an interactive ad that captures the essence of their app or product and matches their specifications. The service includes creative iteration, storyboarding, design, development, and QA to ensure all ads are visually pleasing and universally compatible across platforms. CrossInstall’s QA team ensures that each creative unit’s technical integration adheres to platforms’ unique guidelines, including policy and file size variances. CrossInstall also performs regular checks to ensure loading, layout orientation, and interaction performance. Advertisers have the option to receive new creative builds every 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Packaging is dependent on individual network and platform requirements, and CrossInstall provides versions of the creative with weekly dynamic parameter (variable testing) selections.

Facebook announced CrossInstall as a playable provider in its inaugural release of the product on the Facebook platform. The playables encourage more user engagement and can be used in conjunction with video. CrossInstall’s technology and account managers strive to present clients with creative made just to their specifications.