CrowdFlik Announces Issuance of 15th Patent for Mobile Video Synchronization & Crowd-Sourced Content Platform

CrowdFlik awarded patents from The Government of India and The United States of America

CrowdFlik, Inc. the Connecticut based company at the forefront of advanced mobile video technology, announced that it has been issued two additional patents for its Mobile Video Synchronization and Crowd-Sourced Content Platform with The Government of India awarding CrowdFlik Patent – #373840 and The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarding CrowdFlik its third US Patent – #11,100,953.

CrowdFlik’s patent portfolio has grown to 15 patents issued globally with patents issued in: India, Japan, China, South Korea, Canada, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, France and three patents issued in the United States and with additional US applications pending.

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Chris Hamer, CrowdFlik’s Founder and CEO explained “This has been another big year for CrowdFlik as we have recently completed version 4.0 of our video synchronization platform for enterprise customers empowering partners of all sizes to implement our proprietary platform. And, now having received approval on every one of our international patent applications, and along with our third US patent we continue to affirm our global leadership position in mobile video with our global footprint that covers over 80% of the world’s smartphone market giving us and our partners unprecedented opportunities on a global scale.”

CrowdFlik’s proprietary mobile video content synchronization, creation and collaboration platform uses atomic-clock time data to enable time synchronization of video from virtually any mobile device with accuracy to the millisecond making it possible to quickly and easily re-stitch video segments from multiple devices into seamless new multi-cam edits.

Founded in 2012, CrowdFlik was originally developed as a mobile app so that friends could easily make and share multi-cam concert videos. In the ensuing years, the demand for CrowdFlik’s proprietary platform has grown significantly beyond live music. With the dramatic growth of mobile devices designed to capture video CrowdFlik has since broadened its offering as an enterprise solution to address the needs of a wide variety of applications where multiple devices are capturing video simultaneously, including: public events, security, law enforcement, drone applications, autonomous vehicle, public safety and more.

Hamer adds, “These new patents are significant milestones for us as we roll out our latest enterprise offering and continue to expand our global patent portfolio. CrowdFlik’s third US patent defines how we combine Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with our proprietary automated content creator making CrowdFlik the most powerful and flexible mobile video platform in the world. With CrowdFlik users can automate the creation of an infinite number of new edits quickly and with ease. We’re thrilled to be leading the way in advanced video management as we continue to introduce new proprietary functionalities for our consumer and enterprise partners.”

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