Introducing BizSwipe – An iOS & Android Networking App for Businesses, Social Influencers, Journalists and Digital Marketers

BizSwipe, LLC announced the release of the BizSwipe app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app matches businesses and social influencers who want to form mutually beneficial business relationships, via an intuitive swiping interface with customizable filters. BizSwipe blends a business’s social media analytics with the Google search results analytics of its website into a single unified profile.

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“It’s labor-intensive and costly for complementary web businesses to find and open channels of communication with each other in the digital space,” observed BizSwipe co-founder Donnie Strompf. “How can I find a business that needs what I have, has what I need, and wants to deal? Manual prospecting gets a reply less than one percent of the time. Our platform presents users with receptive eyeballs. Business category and geographic filtering narrow the browsing queue to the most compatible potentials. Swiping opens a text chat channel when the interest is mutual which eliminates spam and solicitations.”

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BizSwipe co-founder Cory Picow added: “The digital marketplace is a swarm of players with diverse assets and business interests. BizSwipe organizes that space. Our user’s consolidated web presence is seen by those best qualified to evaluate it and most interested in seeing it. BizSwipe matches businesses on both their assets and their needs. Our user chats are more likely to be mutually profitable because both parties go into them having judged the opportunity as high-value. The medium of exchange can be anything. Cash, contacts, conversions, social influence, exposure, links – whatever users are offering and whatever they’re looking for to build their businesses.”

The BizSwipe app is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play. A single user account can support multiple businesses. The service will be free of charge for the foreseeable future. A premium paid upgrade will be introduced at a later date.

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