JumpSeat & Adobe Launch in-App Guidance Natively in Adobe Workfront (Enterprise)


JumpSeat, the leading technology platform for improving software adoption and productivity, has announced a major milestone with the release of an in-line version within the Adobe Workfront (Enterprise) product coming out on July 11, 2022.

In the new release of Adobe Workfront Enterprise next month, users will be able to seamlessly activate the JumpSeat platform natively within the application. This will provide easier implementation and access to JumpSeat’s extensive capabilities for Adobe Workfront Enterprise users. Companies with Workfront Enterprise will be able to activate the JumpSeat platform just by toggling a setting and getting an activation code to get started.

JumpSeat is the leading digital adoption platform that provides an efficient, effective, and permanent fix for one of the biggest challenge areas of technology implementation. Companies turn to JumpSeat to drive user adoption, workflow compliance and time to value. Now embedded in Adobe Workfront Enterprise, corporate leaders can increase software adoption by delivering just-in-time, in-app guidance that elevates user satisfaction, increases productivity, reduces support tickets, and enhances workflow adherence with JumpSeat. Adding to JumpSeat’s capabilities in Workfront Enterprise, the platform includes 46 best-in-class guides for many of the most common trouble points for users.

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“Partnering with Adobe to deliver JumpSeat native within Adobe Workfront drives better business outcomes and is a major step forward for customers who want to improve user adoption, workflow compliance and honor Workfront’s existing security protocol,” noted Dean Edmundson, CEO of JumpSeat.

Leverage the digital adoption guides and InSight analytics within JumpSeat to customize workflows, embed/streamline standard processes and measure success with advanced adoption & users analytics. JumpSeat’s guides also move across all your applications making it more accessible and customizable to everyone based on their roles and responsibilities.

Reach out to JumpSeat today for a demonstration of our personalized tools that will drive your company’s Workfront implementation, delivering happier users, better data and reliable process adherence. Visit our website at jumpseat.io or call 888.972.5972 to learn more or schedule a demonstration of the JumpSeat platform.

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