Online Behavior Meets Social Responsibility With MySocialIQ

MySocialIQ, the first app to score online behavior, launches a teaser with a purpose to create accountability and balance in online interaction. Developed using an algorithm that incorporates behavioral psychology and data science, users are scored on a scale from 0 to 500 ranking their behavior based on online interactions.

Too often individuals hide behind a screen. This veil allows hurtful, and sometimes vile, attacks on complete strangers. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2018, 59% of U.S. teens have personally experienced abusive online behavior including offensive name-calling, spreading of false rumors, and physical threats. A similar Pew Research Center study done in September 2020 found that 4 in 10 Americans experienced online harassment and since 2017, more severe encounters have occurred.

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MySocialIQ hopes to change the increasingly contentious dialogue that is prevalent online today by facilitating balanced conversations. Using its unique algorithm, the app studies the user’s search history, social media postings, comments, arguments, positive posts, negative posts, trolling, community work, donations, basic criminal activity, and more. The result? A unique and proprietary SocialIQ score.

Other applications have attempted to create similar platforms and have succeeded in measuring metrics related to likes and engagements; however, their analysis falls short — leaving out the metrics that define behavior. With MySocialIQ, users have the ability to view their overall score or break it down by social media platform for a more detailed analysis. They can include friends and family in the conversation by sharing scores and seeing how others using the app compare. The app is a platform for growth, providing feedback on how to better communicate, and giving users the opportunity to increase their score.

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MySocialIQ Founder, Richard Doherty explains why he was compelled to develop this app. “We must consider the effect that behavior has on others, which is easily forgotten when online. Everyone – from children to adults – is active online. Whether a contributor or consumer, we all have a social responsibility to create a healthy online environment. Our scoring system serves as a launching point to foster this environment and support more constructive conversations.”

The beta version of the application is free and available for download in Summer 2021 with a full launch to follow later in the year.

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