PacketZoom Launches ‘Mobile Connect’, a Real-Time Multiplayer Mobile Networking Solution

PacketZoom Mobile Connect Improves Multiplayer Communication, Offers Faster and More Reliable Player Connectivity; Eliminates Game Developer Need to Deploy Resources In-House

PacketZoom has announced the launch of Mobile Connect, a real-time multiplayer networking solution as part of its end-to-end Mobile Networking Platform. With its latest launch, the company is re-defining mobile application performance via in-app mobile networking technology. Mobile Connect is currently in soft launch and is scheduled to be publicly available in Q3, 2018.

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At the time of this announcement, Tim Wilson, former Chief Technology Officer of Glu Mobile and PacketZoom advisor, said, “In recent years multiplayer mobile games have proven very popular and lucrative, but the effort required to build a high performance, reliable networking layer for multiplayer games represents a significant undertaking for game developers.”

Tim added, “I’ve experienced the void in the gaming space firsthand. PacketZoom fills this void via a global UDP-based cloud solution that is uniquely positioned to offer an alternative, affordable service to deliver best-in-class performance and reduce complexity and operational cost for multiplayer game developers while accelerating their title’s time to market.”

With mobile games now generating more than half of the gaming industry revenues and real-time multiplayer games topping the download charts, game developers are expected to deliver high-quality experiences for gamers.

To achieve that, mobile game developers often need to invest in building and operating expensive in-house solution to enable real-time communication capabilities between all players in order to allow quick player discovery, stats and position sync-up.

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Mobile Connect was custom-built to handle the unique requirements of multiplayer apps and eliminate the need for in-house infrastructure by offering a public cloud solution. It ensures instantaneous, stable and secure connectivity, higher quality of service (QoS) and session continuity, without the need to deploy servers or invest in additional infrastructure.

Multiplayer game developers today typically need to choose between open source protocol or licensed code from game engines. Existing public cloud options are limited in geography and custom development could end up being a time sink. In many cases, the need to operate their own messaging server distracts game developers from focusing on game development and they end up being late to market. PacketZoom Mobile Connect is designed to solve this problem.

“We decided to add a multiplayer networking layer in response to a continuous demand from our existing customers and key partners who haven’t found existing solutions to be efficient,” said Chetan Ahuja, PacketZoom’s CTO.

Chetan added, “As mobile networking experts, we are honored to solve the biggest problem in mobile game networking to enable the exceptional multiplayer experience, even in developing countries where latency requirements are impossible to meet with the existing infrastructure.”

While Mobile Connect was originally designed for multiplayer mobile games, other verticals such as rideshare applications have also shown interest in leveraging the solution for real-time multiplayer communication.

Currently, PacketZoom redefines mobile performance via in-app networking technology. Designed specifically for native mobile apps, PacketZoom’s mobile platform empowers mobile app developers to optimize mobile app performance in real-time.

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