Pairy App Launched to Help Influencers, Brands & Agencies Make a Match Made in Digital Heaven

Matchmaking app ups the ante on the new influencer marketing trend so brands, agencies, and all social media influencers can have a meeting of the minds.

Making on-point partnerships a gettable-get, a newly-launched app is slated to give social media influencers a big marketing leg up. Enter Pairy. It’s a cut through the weeds approach to pairing influencers with brands and agencies for mutual collaboration. Typically, influencers have to spend precious creative time on spammy comments and robots that fill their DMs. Pairy removes all the clutter. Its job is to leave a listing of genuine brand offers in one easy to navigate spot. Better yet, it helps every influencer regardless of the size of their audience. There are no hoops to jump through, no lengthy demos to pony up, or high agency fees to manage. The app is free. Any takers ready for their close-up?

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A veritable one-stop shop for influencer management, Pairy’s search filters are comprehensive. Upon sign up, to show brands an overall view of their audience, influencers create a profile and link all of their social media pages. This action includes the number of posts they have on each social media platform, their average engagement, number of followers, and the true reach on each platform. Companies can search for influencers that suit their brand by age, location, gender, audience size, price point, audience demographic, and more. When a match is made, brands and influencers can connect within the app using a chat feature. Invoices and payments for posts can be made through the app as well.

Audrey Graham, the founder of Pairy, said, “Marketing and influencer management is a new industry that frankly, it can be intimidating and expensive for the new to early mid-range influencer. So, along with the ease of navigation and free usage, we added a swiping option and engaging animation to our app for a sense of fun and familiarity. Startups, new brands, and local companies searching for local influencers will love it. For greater access, a desktop version of the app is next. The potential is limitless.”

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