Imprivata Adds Privileged Access Management (PAM) to Industry-leading Digital Identity Capabilities by Acquiring Xton Technologies

Enterprise-class PAM solution bolsters Imprivata’s identity and access management platform for enterprise organizations in healthcare and beyond

Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, announced the acquisition of Xton Technologies, an innovative provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions. Incorporating Xton’s easy-to-deploy PAM solutions into Imprivata’s existing Identity and Access Management platform extends the company’s digital identity protection deeper into the IT organization by adding access governance for its most privileged users.

The acquisition comes amidst a growing need for IT solutions focusing on the security and privacy needs of healthcare and other organizations, who increasingly realize they can’t reliably secure systems, data, PHI, and PII without clear visibility into each identity – including related behaviors around that identity.

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This acquisition expands the Imprivata digital identity framework and extends access control to include administrators and root users – the user type that governs critical enterprise assets such as servers, network devices, databases, and other core resources,” said Gus Malezis, CEO at Imprivata. “While our existing identity and access management solutions are designed to govern access for the clinician and other staff, this highly innovative and nimble solution set extends this reach deeper into the enterprise to safeguard and control access to an ever broader set of mission-critical resources and data.”

Founded in 2017, Xton Technologies takes a modern approach to enterprise PAM. The company’s Xton Access Manager (XTAM) software, deployed in just hours, combines all the features of a traditional enterprise-grade solution in one platform with greatly simplified execution and at a very competitive price point. The company has been recognized as an emerging solution in the PAM market by analyst groups and industry leaders.

Imprivata now expands its market-leading digital identity solutions, in healthcare and beyond, by providing more solutions for Xton and Imprivata customers. Key Xton and Imprivata combined capabilities include:

  • PASM (privileged account and session management) to govern and record access to highly sensitive enterprise resources such as privileged accounts, servers, and databases
  • VPAM (vendor privileged access management) to monitor and control vendor and other third-party access to the enterprise, expanding the footprint of strong security
  • PAM integrated with Imprivata multifactor and single sign-on solutions to bolster authentication and access control over the most highly sensitive resources

“The elevated focus of ransomware attacks on healthcare, and other highly regulated enterprises handling sensitive data, makes digital identity a fundamental, necessary best-practice control for improved cybersecurity, and we’re excited to make Xton a central component of Imprivata’s go-forward digital identity strategy,” said Malezis. Through this acquisition, Imprivata will enable richer authentication and access management, a key pillar in the Imprivata digital identity framework, and broaden our mutual reach to new and current customers both domestically and internationally.”

“Our platform perfectly complements Imprivata’s digital identity framework for healthcare and will help expand Imprivata’s industry-leading authentication and access management platform,” said Mark Klinchin and Peter Senescu, co-founders of Xton Technologies. “With nearly 3,000 customers already using Imprivata solutions in 45 countries, we’re excited to join the Imprivata family and benefit from their commitment to delivering a world-class experience.”

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