RAADR Inc. Announces Re-Branding Efforts of its Business Strategy for Investors

RAADR, Inc. , the “internet anti-bullying company”, announced changes to its business and business strategy description. This announcement is not a change to our business plan. The new branding strategy will create a cohesive and focused description of exactly what RAADR, Inc. does and our general plan going forward. Since 2015, we have been focused on making childrens’ lives safer and we remain one of the most focused companies on the OTC in reaching our goals.

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As we strive to reach our goals, it is imperative that our shareholders and interested parties easily understand what we do. We have not changed our business goals or business plan at all. Today, we have taken steps to make our goals and plans more intelligible for our shareholders. The new description which is being changed at OTC Markets and the description that that will appear on future press releases is as follows:

“RAADR, Inc., publishes software and apps that protect children who use social media and the internet. Known as the “internet anti-bullying company”, RAADR produces products that allow children, parents, and school districts to monitor bullying and other threatening behavior on the Internet in real time. Armed with many features including keyword tracking, real time alerts, facial recognition and site filtering, RAADR’s apps determine in real time whether children or young adults are the victim of stalkers, bullies and other threatening behavior. Parents love the facial recognition feature because in seconds, the app allows parents to upload the child’s image and parents can be armed with one of the most powerful tools available to receive alerts each time their child’s image appears on a social media site.

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RAADR Parental 2.0, which is the parenting app that helps parents and adults protect children by using real time monitoring on social media will be released in July 2021. Bully RAADR which arms the kids with RAADR’s powerful suite of products allows children to protect themselves and other kids from threatening and dangerous behavior on the internet and social media will be released by the end of summer 2021. RAADR Inc. is committed to making our world and social media a safer and better place for kids and young adults.”

Jacob DiMartino, Chief Executive Officer of RAADR Inc. said, “Our focus on our business goals has necessitated this re-branding which I believe creates a cohesive and succinct description of exactly what we do and why. RAADR Inc. is the “internet ant-bullying company” and we are focused on achieving our business goals over the next 12 months.”