Snipitz’s Founder Stepping Up As President to Introduce the First Web and Mobile App Supporting Live Events Utilizing a Never Seen Before Interface

Denny Darmo wants to make sure that when you devote stime to watch live content, that you are in control of the experience. To make this possible, Mr. Darmo has supported a development team for nearly two years to introduce Snipitz™ and its CDI, Content Delivery Interface. Snipitz™ is a web and mobile application that empowers viewers to choose their own perspective when watching live events and videos. He is excited that the company’s technology advancement and growth allows a progression from ‘founder’ to President.

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Through a revolutionary Content Delivery Interface (CDI), multiple camera angles are presented as options to a viewer to toggle between simultaneously during a live broadcast. Imagine following your favorite golfer through an entire 18-hole tournament instead of being subject to watch what the network feeds to you. Watch a live concert and switch between the front row view, backstage camera, and an angle from over the drum kit.

Add on picture-in-picture, a ‘Snipz’ video clip to share capability, and interact with other viewers and connections with a social media interface – you have YouTube marrying Facebook on steroids. Mr. Darmo shys away from being compared to existing video and social media platforms because the intent is to have Snipitz on a peer-to-peer, distributed blockchain which doesn’t exist today.

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“I have great respect for the history of social media and online video, where would we be without those pioneers? However, the pendulum has swung as consumers have spoken. The user needs to know that they are in charge of their own content, choices, and experience at all times. Snipitz will ensure that this capability is possible from first download.”

“I could not be more excited to lead a dynamic group and have the honor to take on this position to help spearhead the distribution of our groundbreaking technology. I believe Snipitz and our CDI will be used by every content provider in the near future and this is only the beginning.”